Huawei tries to explain how it will launch Mate 30 without Google

by Kelvin

Direct from Munich – A Huawei has renewed the Mate line with enhanced cameras, faster processor and a huge OLED screen with sharp curvature on the more expensive model, but there's a problem: Kill 30 it's the Kill 30 Pro may not come with any Google apps due to US sanctions. How will the company handle it? The CEO tried to explain the situation.

Huawei Mate 30


While not a drag on China, where Huawei continues to sell well, the absence of the Play Store is severe in the West, where the search giant's (and American companies') dependence is greatest. As the Chinese manufacturer is barred from doing business with Google, the Facebook, Uber or the Twitter, it's even hard to popularize your own app store, AppGallery.

So it's no wonder the Mate 30 release schedule around the world… doesn't exist yet. How do you highlight the GSMArenaCEO Richard Yu confirmed that the Mate 30 will initially be sold on the Asian continent, as acceptance of an Android without Google is higher in that region. In Europe, another important market for the brand, the smartphones they don't even have a release date, although prices were revealed on stage in euros.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Huawei's Latin American subsidiary has also changed its media strategy. Until then, when a new premium smartphone was launched, as in the case of the P30 Pro, test units were provided to specialized vehicles right after the global launch event, which also streamlined the production of reviews. This time, the product will only be loaned in the countries of the respective journalists at an indefinite time in the future.

Yu also stated that “there are many third-party apps and places where you can download any app,” a reference to alternative Play Store stores such as Aptoide – which claims to have over 200 million active users and pay developers more. , charging a maximum of 19% commission for in-app purchases, versus 30% or 50% from other stores.

Huawei studies unlocking Mate 30 and 30 Pro bootloader

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

But the problem goes deeper: certain applications are dependent not only on Android open source APIs, but also on proprietary Google components that need to be licensed. The most obvious example is games: Some require you to install Google Play Games to run. The same goes for streaming media services or maps using Google. What's up?

In this case, you must install Google Play Services. As you remember Android Authority, the only way to do this on a Mate 30 or Mate 30 Pro, which doesn't come with any Google components from the factory, is with an unlocked bootloader. It's not enough to simply download an APK from a random website and install it as if it were a regular app.

Huawei has discouraged users from unlocking their bootloader. smartphones since last year on the grounds that the practice of installing an alternate ROM can cause “system crashes, crashes, poor battery performance and risk of data compromise”. Well, it looks like this will change.

“We limited it (bootloader unlocking) because we wanted to ensure more security for consumers. But this time we'll give users more freedom so they can make customizations on their own. So we are planning to allow consumers to do that, ”Yu tells Android Authority – without explaining exactly how the unlocking process would work.

The bottom line is that not even Huawei has hit the final hammer in its Mate 30 launch strategy in Europe or the Americas. For now, the company is struggling with what it has: a phone that promises to take stunning photos, record in ultra-slow motion and achieve 5G speeds that no other device can. But with software that needs tricks to work right in the west.

And, as I said in my hands-on, a company of this size can't survive in the west by selling to half a dozen tech enthusiasts with thousands of dollars in their pockets to buy a smartphone – for the average user, it's best to just go to the store and buy a device that works.

Paulo Higa traveled to Munich at Huawei's invitation.

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