Huawei Watch GT 2: real images before launch

by Kelvin
Huawei Watch GT 2: real images before launch

On the Net some have just leaked real images of the new smartwatch Huawei Watch GT 2, which should debut the 19 September in Munich, together with the Mate 30 smartphone range.

Watch GT 2: launch on September 19th

As we can see from the photos, the Watch GT 2 will have the classic design with a round dial. This is the second edition of Huawei Watch GT, the device that has achieved more than two million of users in six months – we remember that the Chinese company sold a total of 5 million wearable devices, of which almost 50% is represented by the Watch GT – this result has given prestige to the Chinese company also in the universe of wearables.


Huawei Watch GT 2: real images before launch 4

The design of the Watch GT 2 will be on the whole more compact and thin than its predecessor, despite the presence of a display and one battery larger – should be 445 mAh (it is 420 mAh on Huawei Watch GT -. Furthermore, it is now almost certain that there are built-in microphone and speaker, which will allow you to use the device to do calls.

The smartwatch will be equipped with the monitoring technology of the heart rate Truseen, which will include support for monitoring the atrial fibrillation.

Huawei Watch GT 2: real images before launch 5

This smartwatch should be powered by the chip Kirin A1 developed by Huawei and also support the Bluetooth 5.1 and low-power Bluetooth 5.1. One of the biggest points in favor of this device is its efficient and stable connection performance, excellent anti-interference capability and powerful audio processing ability.

From the renderings we've seen through previous reports, we know that the smartwatch will come with a variety of thongs among those in rubber, leather and metal. Furthermore, styles will also vary, offering users different options.

Huawei Watch GT 2: real images before launch 6

We report that, according to recent rumors, Huawei Watch GT 2 can also be used by those who practice I swim: this confirms the relative rexistence of water of the Chinese smartwatch.

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