Huawei's Mate X, folding, will be equipped with the Kirin 990 Chip

by Kelvin

The Huawei X folding smartphone will in fact be powered by the Kirin 990 chip. The information was obtained from TechRadar at a Huawei briefing in New York. Yanmin Wang, president of EEC, Nordic and Canadian Huawei Consumer Business Group, confirmed to TechRadar that the company's Kirin 990 chip would be reaching the next folding Huawei Mate X.

"Yes," said Wang, "it's coming very soon." TechRadar had already learned that Mate X will not be released in September with its release date. postponed to November. Even with this news, some of Huawei's official languages ​​still mention September.

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Huawei originally told TechRadar that the Mate X could come out in June 2019, and the release date has been postponed until September, and now they said we would wait in November.

The reasons for this vary: information that the hinge was slightly refined in versions following the model shown in the MWC 2019 in March, but given how little the 5G networks were built, Huawei was not in a hurry to erase the phone.

This is because, unsurprisingly, the Kirin 990 is 5G compatible with a 5G modem integrated in the chip, Wang told TechRadar. This is different from the Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon 850 modem combination.

Huawei News

A HuaweiCentral report stated that Huawei will introduce two Kirin 990 processors in the IFA 2019: a main processor and its 5G-compatible variant. The Kirin 990 will be 7nm with lower power consumption than the Kirin 980 and support for all mainstream 5G formats, Wang said.

But it would not clarify whether this includes 30GHz to 300GHz millimeter high frequency waves (which make up the majority of 5G carrier networks in the US) and low-frequency formats such as sub-6, which are usually not as fast speeds, but have more coverage area.

China has spent $ 180 billion over the past five years installing about 350,000 operable 5G base stations, according to an April 2019 IEEE report, strongly favoring low frequency 3 and 4 GHz bands – in other countries. words, under-6.

It is unclear how much of this infrastructure Huawei has built, although Huawei said it said it had a 50% stake in the country's 5G equipment market by the South China Morning Post.


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