Humble Bundle: Bohemia games from Arma 2 to DayZ in the package [Notiz]

by Kelvin
Humble Bundle: Bohemia-Spiele von Arma 2 bis DayZ im Paket

Image: Humble Bundle

The current Humble Bundle of the same provider includes games of the well-known for the military simulations of the Arma series Studios Bohemia Interactive. For less than a euro, there are four older titles including Arma 2 and Take On Mars. Those who invest significantly more will receive the survival game DayZ in addition to Arma 3.

As usual, the customer determines the amount of the Humble Bohemia Bundle through the variable purchase price. Part of the proceeds will be dedicated to charity.


DayZ is only available from 27 euros

Starting at 1 US Dollar or around 0.89 Euro, there are Arma 2, Take on Helicopters, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission and Take on Mars. With Arma 3, Ylands, Original War and Pound of Ground, four more games will be unlocked, if at least the average price of about 10 US dollars or 9 euros is paid. Starting at $ 20 or just under $ 18, the Apex expansion for Arma 3 and the Arma X: Anniversary Edition, which includes the first parts of the series and all DLCs for Arma 2, will be added. The zombie survival shooter DayZ, which originated from the sluggish early-access development, is crowned with a start at $ 30 or just under € 27.

The purchase requires both a Humble Bundle account and a Steam account to activate the game codes.

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