Hyperlapse has a hidden menu of options We show you how to access it!

by Kelvin

Discover how to access the hidden Hyperlapse options menu

On some occasions apps that seem simpler and with less configuration options hide secrets and, Hyperlapse is one of them. A few weeks ago that Instagram launched this app with which we can make Hyperlapse videos with our iPhone in a very simple way. At the time we commented on the application and we saw that it barely had configuration options, but now it has been discovered that The application hides a secret: a very complete configuration menu.

Hyperlapse has a hidden menu of options We show you how to access it! 4

The video that accompanies these lines explains how to access the Hyperlapse hidden configuration menu. The video is in German, although it is really very easy to understand the basic steps to access the menu and to navigate through your options, even without knowing the language.


To access the Hyperlapse hidden configuration menu All we have to do is follow the following steps:

  • We access Hyperlapse on our iPhone.
  • When the recording screen appears, we play four times with four fingers on the screen.

With these two simple steps we will access this configuration menu in which we can change a lot of Hyperlapse options. It is important that four touches are done very fast, otherwise the "trick" will not work.

The hidden Hyperlapse menu allows us to configure a lot of different options

Once we have accessed the hidden Hyperlapse configuration menu we find a lot of different options. We can change the recording resolution of the videos (on an iPhone 5s gives the option to choose between 720p and 1080p), the frame rate, we can activate a camera calibration mode, we can adjust different options related to audio, we can adjust some Hyperlapse saving options in the library of our iPhone and we can also activate a mode called Hyperlapse EXTREME that, although we do not know exactly what it is, sounds impressive, as they say in iDownloadblog.

Hyperlapse has a hidden menu of options We show you how to access it! 5

As we said at the beginning, many times the simplest apps are the ones that hide the most secrets and Hyperlapse has surprised us with this hidden options menu. We assume that in some future version its developers will make it more accessible and that they will continue to integrate options to the app to make it more complete, but for now we have a way to access.

Did you know this little trick? Of course, very very interesting … and curious.

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