I just started playing Minecraft seriously and, after some terrible first experiences, I surrender to its greatness

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I just started playing Minecraft seriously and, after some terrible first experiences, I surrender to its greatness

I would lie to you if I told you that I haven't touched Minecraft in the ten years that Mojang's game has been conquering the world. After giving him some opportunity away from home I came to think that that was not for me. The same game that was able to awaken the imagination and creativity of millions of people he didn't tell me anything.

The reason? As a rule I ended up crashing into the same wall: boredom. His voxelado surroundings did not call me and he preferred to dedicate my lost hours to any other things before scratch cubes and make holes. I see today Minecraft With other eyes With those of those who a decade earlier had already surrendered to their immensity.

The touchstone: the Xbox Game Pass. Well, and the fact of getting lost jumping between kingdoms in my own house, at my own pace and without being told what to put where.

And the same applies to Survival mode: make my first bonfire, forge my first sword, survive the first night and, for the first time, hit the button to regenerate my character instead of leaving the game. Pandora's box had been opened.

Learning from trials and mistakes

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I am convinced that everything that could have been done wrong happened to me during my first games in Survival mode. I didn't bother looking for guides or advice and I wanted to learn at my own pace. In the end it was not a success or a mistake, but pay all hazing:

  • Spend the first night outdoors: check.
  • That explodes a Creeper in front of my nose after poking it with a wooden sword: check.
  • Dig for fun vertically and take forever to create a ladder that takes me to the surface: check.
  • Get caught watching lava start sprouting from the ground: double check

First-time mistakes, of course. But I assumed them all. After all, I wanted to enjoy all the possibilities it could offer me The most ambitious and pure sandbox ever made.

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There are things that I learned from observation, such as that I could get an idea of ​​my location considering that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Two cardinal points that have helped me recover everything accumulated by being eliminated by surprise. Which does not mean that he began to look for answers to specific questions in YouTube.

Gradually, the exploration, the first priority of my departure, was divided into three objectives: to create a decent middle home, experiment with the work table and forge cool weapons for my character. The latter I suppose it will have been by pure inertia.

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And then there is the theme of his music, which sprouts randomly during the game and, despite that, he gets married like a glove in the gaming experience. A very subtle detail, but that, at the same time, is another genius to add to the experience.

And for sample, the analysis of a whole reference in the matter of soundtracks: the Jaime Altozano channel.

Right now, and after seeing several moons pass, I am approaching the gaming experience and adapting what I call "my base" to what would be a Stardew Valley game. What will my game end in? Well, if I tell you the truth every day I see a new nuance to the game.

I should have left it two hours ago … and here I am

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Minecraft Not only is it a well of hours due to its unlimited possibilities, also it's terribly absorbent. To the point where if you have a restless imagination gives you the opportunity to continue your projects away from the screen. You start by devising the shape of the roof of your house and, by the time you realize it, you are already building a second floor.

With that ahead, I admit that I have not stepped on the creative way as much as I should, but there is a reason: the time that I have not dedicated to my World I have invested in explore Servers. And that is where the greatness of the experience manifests and where I can only surrender to all that remains for me to learn.

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One of the first servers to leave me fascinated was that of the LifeBoat Network, which had a pirate theme and had a huge environment chaired by an imposing pirate ship. Of course, with its access points and teleportation and up to fifteen different activities available to anyone: from Arcade games to a Battle Royale blatantly inspired by Fortnite.

Ios 2 Image

Things as they are, although the gameplay of the Battle Royale of this server does not have the necessary strength to be considered an independent game, it is a whole experience made to measure. In one hand we will have a map that closes and we can build and arm ourselves during the game. There is even a loading screen similar to that of PUBG. But of course, we are talking about a server made by fans.

Tailor-made experiences, fascinating environments, full of life and players. Worlds created with a very special care and in which it is even possible to find Private Clubs, with special advantages for those who want to contribute to the project by contributing game currency.

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The Minecraft monetization system is simply masterful: Everyone has the ability to create content and experiences and put them on sale. Aesthetic elements, transformable vehicles, frames, preconstructed objects everything you can think of. A way to keep everyone entertained, form communities and that creators can get more than recognition.

Something that, by the way, feels like an initiative that has already been unified across all platforms.

When the version of Switch throws you songs of sirens … is that there is no going back


The Xbox version of Minecraft It has been a very pleasant surprise. Its interface is simple and intuitive – after all, it is a game for everyone – and I still don't think it occupies a mere 350 megabytes of the console. By putting it in perspective, it claims less hard disk space than the backward compatible version of Sonic the Hedgehog. However, what pleases me most is that I will continue my departure wherever I want, including the Nintendo Switch.

I have assumed that the full version of Minecraft You will arrive sooner or later on the PC Game Pass. After all, it is one of the flagships of the Xbox Game Studios division and my subscription to Ultimate Game Pass (and the stack of pending games) makes me moderate with purchases of the same game on other platforms. Except of course, the case of Nintendo Switch. And I am not the only one.

I confess that I have been around the usual online stores flirting with buying Minecraft in Switch. The idea of ​​continuing to build my “base” in my spare time and how the proposal has been adapted to the Xbox controller is to blame, despite the fact that in the Microsoft console you can use the mouse.

I guess the day I put it in the basket they will end up announcing the Game Pass on the Nintendo console.

What I have clear is that the game pays for itself. Minecraft It is a title with infinite replayability in which you spend hours polishing your own vision of how you want your World to be, learning and experimenting. But also sharing. The social section is another of the pillars on which the experience itself is based and, seeing that I am in a phase of learning and adaptation, I still have a little left to take that step. What does not mean that you are already looking for Discord channels in Spanish.

At a stage in the history of video games that the proposals tend to be linear experiences or games as a service, the shared entertainment platform of Minecraft It fills possibilities with the most creative minds, becoming the same movement in the sandbox par excellence. An inexhaustible box of games that, by the way, is played globally, in almost all systems and (which is even more difficult) making everyone share a game. Chapeau, Mojang.

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