I know the map of this game better than my own city. The iconic GTA: San Andreas to be won for free on the PC

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I know the map of this game better than my own city. The iconic GTA: San Andreas to be won for free on the PC

Quite unexpectedly, Rockstar decided to launch its own PC gaming platform. To use the new Steam competitive runtime environment is encouraged with the completely free GTA: San Andreas.

Why is Rockstar's proprietary computer gaming platform? The first association that comes to mind comes to mind: Red Dead Redempetion 2 is heading for PC. Following this lead, the developers probably want to test the new launcher before the premiere of the game. The experiment will take place on living tissue, which you will provide none other than yourself. To encourage you to participate in the text, Rockstar distributes the iconic GTA: San Andreas.

To get the free GTA San Andreas you need to download and install the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Program dedicated to the system Windows lets you buy new titles, launch games, keep cloud saves, and download updates. The application is currently very modest and does not have such add-ons as social centers or collections of modifications. RGL is the next runtime environment for games, next to programs such as Steam, Origin, uPlay, Epic Games Store and Battle.net.

Why are subsequent publishers choosing their own platforms? Of course for financial reasons. With its own launcher, Rockstar does not have to share the profits generated through each transaction with Valve (Steam). The proprietary platform also means greater control over the content, the possibility of faster corrections and updates, and independence from partners and intermediaries.

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