I like Facebook also works in dark mode for main application


Facebook it is working, and testing, the dark mode for the main application. At launch, the main Facebook The application will join WhatsApp and Messengerambos are owned by Facebook and both already look sporty.

The news came through Jane Manchun Wong, who posted her findings online, after finding multiple codes with one of the most recent. Facebook to build Android apps.

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He noted that the app is in the early stages of development, and the dark mode has not yet reached all parts of the app, but these so-called "rough edges" will eventually be resolved.

Facebook works in dark mode for cell phones

I wrote a blog about this: https://t.co/X5tAZuIlPz


– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) 12 August 2019

We don't know exactly when Facebook He intends to launch an app that activates this new dark mode, but it seems certain in the company's plans to do so.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of applications and software that fully support dark mode. Done Apple He's been involved in action, first with MacOS Mojave, and more recently, with iOS 13 beta supporting dark system themes.

Of course, the latter also includes the ability of third-party software developers to use it and create native compatibility in their applications.

The reasons for the increase are many. First, for many users, it's just a refreshing change in the appearance of an app. How dare we say it looks cooler? Second, for OLED-based displays, full-screen apps that are completely black save a lot of energy compared to the white and third versions, which are easier to see.

For many users, the dark mode is useful at night, when it is dark. Glossy applications are often too hard on the eyes and cause tension.

Facebook It hasn't officially confirmed development yet, but we won't wait for it until the start of development. We are curious to see if this makes it the final version of the application.