I want Supermassive to come back to life Obscure

by Kelvin
I want Supermassive to come back to life Obscure

Horror video games are experiencing a golden age today. It is undeniable that scary jump, horror and action games and even "B-series" games that play more with suspense and mystery than with shocks, are in vogue. A genre that does not seek to reinvent the wheel, but it has matured enough to offer stories that are much more immersive than ever thanks to technology.

And with those, I have remembered one of the games that killed me as a player. Loved by some and forgotten by others, Obscure was a title that I thoroughly enjoyed on the first Xbox; where by the way he enjoyed a beastly graphic finish for the time.


Obscure, a little history …

In 2005, the Hydravision team launched Obscure, a horror game set in the Leafmore Institute. Driving up to 6 characters and alternating between them we had to face this story of monsters and gloomy environments. Using the Renderware engine and with the possibility of unlocking 2 different endings, it was a very enjoyable game.

In addition, themes such as Sum41's Still Waiting or Supersonic gave greater strength to the game's environments and the era.

I want Supermassive Games

Having enjoyed as a young child of Until Dawn, and seeing in first person how great Man of Medan looks, I think this study is the best candidate to recover the franchise and return it where his third installment did not know how to place it. Final Exam is the last IP game that also restarted the entire universe they tried to create.

But returning to Supermassive, looking at the history of the study and who have already worked on a game that somehow drinks from the essence of Obscure, it would not be unusual to think that you can do a great job with this. Here two problems arise:

  1. The subgenre "Series B Terror" is not as profitable as you would like.
  2. I have been unable to determine who owns the IP.

After several comings and goings, I believe that Obscure is still owned by Micröids, but I have not been able to keep track of it. Be that as it may, I would love to go back, and it is a pity that it did not reach backward compatibility on Xbox One.

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