I won't stay with the Vivaldi browser for now. I will, however, watch her carefully

by admin-kervin
vivaldi android opinion

A few hours of using Vivaldi on Android and I already know that I have no reason to abandon the browser I use. Although it is by no means a bad application.

We basically have three important players on the web browser market. First and foremost: Chrome. Google's browser, which is the most popular on every platform on which it is available, excluding iOS. Secondly, Safari, which is the only browser that can be set as the default browser for the above-mentioned iOS. And finally, Firefox, which is constantly losing market, still has a relatively large and loyal group of users. The rest is plankton.

Fortunately, this plankton continues to make its product stand out above the big three. Microsoft in its Edge focuses on ease of management in companies and facilities for people with disabilities. Brave fights for the absolute privacy of its users. And Opera packs everything that comes to her mind in her browser – despite how it sounds, with quite a good effect.

However, I'm afraid it's Opera, not Chrome, that is Vivaldi's greatest enemy.

Both browsers in the mobile version are basically identical. They differ slightly in appearance and some additional features – probably very important for some – but as a whole they are very similar. And when it comes to differences, Opera seems to be winning.

Vivaldi's first novelty in relation to standard, Chromium-based browsers is Speed ​​Dial, which is a view of a new card with our favorite sites nicely arranged. Opera has been around for years and probably even its invention.


Speed ​​Dial in the new tab view. Where have I heard this…

Full information synchronization between telephones and computers? Vivaldi has it, Opera has it. And yes, most browsers have it, although only some, like the discussed Vivaldi, can also synchronize the state of open tabs. Quick shortcuts to non-default search engines? Boredom. And Opera has some other cool additions.

Vivaldi … is a good browser. I would recommend. Although it doesn't stand out from the crowd yet.

It has a set of cool additional functions, I also like the interface for managing open cards – it is very nice to group those open on my phone, on another device and those from InPrivate mode. The browser itself, though on Android beta, works quickly and efficiently. It's comfortable. It uses Chromium, so there will be no problems with incompatibility with the website.

vivaldi android opinionThe coolest and most unique feature of Vivaldi. Open tabs are divided into local, private, from other devices and recently closed

Vivaldi doesn't give me a single reason, however, for me to change my browser. It offers far too little that I would even like to consider changing my habits. This is a good suggestion for someone who currently does not respond to browsers for some reason and is still looking for alternatives: Vivaldi definitely deserves our attention. But that's basically enough.

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