ibVPN, browse safely without a trace from your iPhone

by Kelvin
ibVPN, browse safely without a trace from your iPhone 1

ibVPN for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

How many times have you searched for something on Google and when you enter a page you see that it shows you ads of things related to what you have searched for? For example, you are looking for car prices, and when you enter the news blog that you usually check, the ads are related to cars. When you browse the Internet you always leave a trail (the IP from which you browse is registered, cookies are downloaded) and companies take advantage of this trail to show you personalized advertising.

If you don't want to leave a trace when you browse, you can use the virtual private networks (VPN) that some companies put at your fingertips. A VPN is a connection that use a tunnel through which the information passes encrypted from your mobile to the server. Amplunet puts at your disposal ibVPN, an application with which you can connect to many VPNs so that your browsing is safe and invisible, without a trace. You will only have to connect to a VPN server and, from that moment, your real IP, the one assigned to you by your Internet access provider, will change and stop registering on the pages you browse. The application is in English but its operation is so simple that you will have no problem using it.


ibVPN, browse safely without a trace from your iPhone 2

VPN and IP change with ibVPN for iPhone and iPad

If you want to try ibVPN you can register to get a fifteen day test With the two main features offered by the app: access the Internet through a VPN server and change your real IP to a fictitious IP. After registration, the app will ask you to install the digital certificate necessary for navigation and configure the VPN options of your iPhone to be able to use this connection when using the program. They are two simple steps in which you will only have to approve their installation. After installation and configuration, you will access the main ibVPN screen to select the VPN server you want to use to navigate.

ibVPN, browse safely without a trace from your iPhone 3

To connect to a VPN server you must choose it by clicking on Server. A list of servers will appear. You can choose the fastest or directly one that is close to your location. At the top of the screen you have the Ping command with which you can know the time it takes for your mobile to communicate with that server. This measure, in milliseconds, The smaller it is, the better. Click on Ping and the "ping" of each server will appear next to the server name. In the trial version it will only allow you to choose the VPN server among the fastest.

ibVPN, browse safely without a trace from your iPhone 4

When you have chosen the server you are going to connect to, you will return to the main screen. You will see that the status of your account appears (whether it is active or not), the real IP address you have at that time, from where you connect and the VPN server with which you are going to connect. Click on the Connect button to connect to the VPN. If it is successful, it will change the status to “Connected” and you will see that the public IP you had has changed and you have a new. If you select «Location» a map will be displayed that tells you where the network thinks you are connected from. You can also see, on the top of your iPhone, next to the Wifi or 3G / 4G indicator the VPN text appears to indicate that you are using that type of connection.

If ibVPN is disconnected, either due to connection errors, due to lack of coverage or server failure, do not worry. The application will automatically reconnect for you to continue browsing safely. Can configure all these options from the Settings option that you have at the bottom of the application. If you want to know what ibVPN options you have active, access the Account option. You will know when your demo or your account expires and you can improve the services offered by ibVPN.


ibVPN is a great application with which you can navigate safely and invisibly. If you are concerned that the sites you browse or are bothered by the cookies that companies leave when you access their pages, ibVPN is your right solution. The installation and configuration is very simple and, although it is in English, you will not have any problem in making it work.

Download ibVPN for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

If you do not have this application on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can install it through the direct download link, from the App Store, which you will find below.

ibVPN Requires iOS 8.0 or higher. It is available in English and French and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Get a free ibVPN iPhone account for FREE

If you want Get a totally FREE Premium account to try ibVPN on your iPhone, TodoiPhone.net and the developers of this application are giving away 30 accounts that you can use for 6 months, in order to get one of these accounts you will simply have to leave a comment on this post with your email account, the first 30 will be the ones that can Have one of these accounts.

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