ID Apple: how to change your email address

by Kelvin
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Many people don't know how to change an email account associated with an ID. Apple. However, when using an address that we then have to leave for various reasons, it is important to know exactly where to make the change. We must not forget that this is our identity and one of the main accesses to the ecosystem of Apple.

Our tip today is to teach you how to change your ID email address. Apple.


MacBook Pro image requesting ID Apple or email

Change ID Email Apple

The ID Apple is a very important user identifier Apple. It is also the guarantor of a security system across the apple enterprise ecosystem. Therefore it is critical that your email and password are completely non-transferable.

Initially, in the configuration process, the Apple allows the user to register an ID Apple using email addresses offered by Apple or using a “third party” address.

In the latter case, if the person uses an email address for a personal ID account Apple and knowing that you will lose access to this address (because it will change jobs, because it will no longer use a domain, or because the mail service will cease to exist) should think twice about whether to move forward. It is preferable to enter an address that is yours and your control.

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But how can we do it?

Therefore, when a third party address is used, the change is easy. THE Apple allows the user to simply enter another address to use and then confirm receipt of a message at that address to Apple make sure the new address is under your control.

    Go to site of Apple ID and log in; In the section Account, click in Change ID of Apple; Enter a new email address and click Continue. Enter the code you received in an email and make OK. Sign back in to all devices and services that use the previous email for this account ID Apple (may be required to do so).

ID service image Apple requesting access email

If you don't have another third-party email address, you can set up a new Gmail account and use it. For extra functionality, you can forward the email from this new Gmail account to another email address you use. This account used in ID Apple You will sometimes receive security confirmation requests. Even more if we activate (which we strongly advise) access with two factors. This activation of both factors is at the bottom of this same window.

And if you have an address Apple?

The situation in this case becomes more difficult and problematic. This is because for addresses controlled by Apple – those ending with,, and will have to take some extra turns.

This way you will know that:

    You cannot change an ID of the Apple that uses one of these domains for a third-party email address. If you change your ID Apple from a third-party email address to one of these domains, you can never change it again.

If you have an email account Apple (which you used as your ID Apple), but it is your employer who owns this account, so you are effectively stuck. This is because Apple does not allow you to create accounts for exclusive mail use. A new email address can only be created as part of a Company ID. Apple. And the address is associated during creation with this account ID Apple.

Therefore, the only possible action is to clear your personal information from your account ID Apple. So it's important that you clean up your contacts, calendars, photos, notes, iCloud Drive and more – and lose any associated purchases you made for yourself. Otherwise, you will need to convince your employer to let this address be for you.

In this sense, and assuming that the owner of this account made it available, change the password and associated email accounts through the Apple to make sure it's totally under your control.

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