iDoceo, download the teacher's notebook on the iPad

by Kelvin

For teachers, taking a class correctly is more complicated than it may seem. Not only for the matter to be taught but all the logistics behind. The iDoceo app wants to become the head tool for teachers Organization lovers.

For this it uses many and very varied integrated functions. From a notebook to the automation of individual reports per student. Let's see all in depth.



Teachers should keep track of their students' grades and attendance. The notebook is the closest thing to a very customizable Excel sheet in which to add the different fields (tasks, exams, deliveries …) to have the detailed evolution of each one.

Image - iDoceo, download the teacher's notebook on the iPad

Adding any type of attached document (audio, video, photos …) to each student's profile will be as simple as drag and drop. In addition, they have incorporated a grading system that can be based on alphanumeric notes, icons and colors.

Daily and hourly planning

This section serves as personal agenda in which to translate what you do every day. It can be organized and configured from different views: daily, weekly, monthly and timeline mode. To which we must add the full view of the planner of the day and that of the week.

Image - iDoceo, download the teacher's notebook on the iPad

Also has iCal integration (calendar of Apple) and Google Calendar, to have everything synchronized between devices and not miss anything. It allows add annotations, files and any type of resource organizing them to match the classes.

Class plan

One of the functions that have attracted our attention is the possibility of creating a map of the class according to the arrangement of the desks and associating each one with a student.

Image - iDoceo, download the teacher's notebook on the iPad

The iDoceo app allows up to 10 different planes for each class and it becomes the best way to record student attendance with a single touch on their desk.

Resource and file management

Another of the headaches that teachers have to face is that of manage the amount of files and resources to give your subject.

Image - iDoceo, download the teacher's notebook on the iPad

iDoceo implements a file management system that allows you to always have them on hand and use them in presentations (with AirPlay support included), integration with Google Drive and Dropbox, transfer files via Wifi and attach any file to all sections.

Email and automatic reports

We arrive at the last main function of iDoceo. It is a tool that will serve teachers to send emails to students and parents of students.

Image - iDoceo, download the teacher's notebook on the iPad

You can send simple notifications of all kinds related to daily operation and more comprehensive reports on the notes or content that you want to share. Although the email is automatic, it will be personalized with the student's name.

iDoceo just this one available for iPad Y It is the perfect all-in-one for teachers. It allows you to keep track of all students with few while incorporating tools as new as class plans or an automatic reporting system via email.

Download iDoceo for iPad

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