If you have this MacBook Pro, you will not be able to travel to the US with it

by Kelvin
If you have this MacBook Pro, you will not be able to travel to the US with it

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The FAA, the US Federal Aviation Administration, has decided to ban the transport of a MacBook Pro model on all aircraft entering or leaving the country.

Specifically, it is the 2015 model of the MacBook Pro, which was sold between 2015 and 2017; If we try to travel to the US with this model, the authorities may prevent us from taking it and we have to leave it on land. The FAA is the highest civil aviation authority in the US, and its guidelines are followed at airports with trips to the US.


The consortium of European airlines TUI Airlines has already confirmed that it will make announcements about the MacBook Pro at the boarding gate and before takeoff. More measures may be implemented to avoid transporting these laptops by plane, but we cannot forget that these measures are very common.

The MacBook Pro battery can get hot

Specifically, the big problem with MacBook Pro is its battery. At the end of june Apple confirmed that these laptops have batteries that can overheat easily, and be a "security risk." In other words, such overheating could cause a fire or a small explosion; on an airplane, it could have catastrophic consequences.

The truth is that this is nothing new, and the FAA has clarified that the measures taken against the MacBook Pro 2015 are similar to those of other devices with defective batteries. In fact, it is a widespread ban, which indicates that the FAA is aware of the battery problem, but little else. The airlines will warn us that we cannot carry these devices, but it is not clear to what extent they could prevent us from flying; and is that the MacBook Pro of recent years are very similar to each other, and the controls would have to review details such as serial numbers to check if it is a potentially dangerous device.

Therefore, it is unlikely that they will require your MacBook if you try to take it with you on a trip; but that does not matter: you should contact the technical service of Apple If you have an affected device.

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