IFA 2019 | Because Xperia 5 didn't convince us

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IFA 2019 | Because Xperia 5 didn't convince us

Only two days ago we told you about Sony's new flagship store, theXperia 5, after having anticipated you, exclusively, the name the previous day.

But now it's also time to take stock of what we've seen and enjoyed. But above all on what we didn't like.

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Here is the new Sony Xperia 5 | Evosmart.it

What we like

1 – Display

Surely among the things we liked about this Xperia 5, compared to the "old" Xperia 1, there is the panel size from just 6.1 ". The format in 21: 9 is certainly an important and characteristic feature of the new Sony course in this 2019, but as far as it allows to have an abundant screen (6.5 ″ of the Xperia 1) with a width of about 70 mm (72 mm to be exact that of Xperia 1), the smartphone is not easy to handle in its entirety, and getting to the top of the display is really difficult. From this point of view the slightly smaller panel allows us to use it better of his "premium" big brother. But one must come to the compromise of losing the 4K resolution (3840 x 1644) in favor of a more normal one FHD + (2520 x 1080), and probably the battery will also gain. Fortunately, the display technology is unchanged OLED HDR.


2 – Battery

There battery of Xperia 1 was strongly undersized (3330 mAh) compared to the immense 6.5 "4K panel. Xperia 5 certainly does better with a unit from 3140 mAh. Certainly in conjunction with the 6.1 ″ FHD + panel it will have a much better performance than Xperia 1. But despite Sony has always managed to have excellent autonomy even without pumping the milliAmperora of the battery compared to the competitors, lately the new Xperia, from XZ1 on, not they have never made sparks in this respect, remaining on average for the top of the range. Given the generous dimensions that mobile devices are reaching, one could probably do better in this respect. Such a device with a 4000 mAh battery would have a completely different appeal to people.

IFA 2019 | Because Xperia 5 didn't convince us 1Here is the new Sony Xperia 5 | Evosmart.it

3 – Hardware equipment

Xperia 5 maintains the exact same hardware as the Xperia 1. We like this and appreciate it very much. Snapdragon 855 is 6 GB of RAM surely, knowing the optimization that Sony makes on its terminals, will make this Xperia 5 a device that will work properly for a long time. Also confirmed 128 GB of internal memory expandable with microSD.

4 – Dimensions almost like Compact

As mentioned in point 1, having a smaller display it was possible to move from the dimensions of 167 x 72 x 8.2 mm, to those of 158 x 68 x 8.2 (those of a Xperia 10 of 6 ″ more or less). The day before the presentation we already knew these measures (leaked from a test video of the presentation), but perhaps part of us in the newsroom wanted to deceive however that at 1 year and a half from XZ2 Compact we would see at IFA 2019 finally a new Compact. Or it would have sufficed for this Xperia 5 to be about as ergonomic as the old Compact series.

What we don't like

1 – Dimensions not from Compact

And right from the dimensions we leave, but with the opposite face of the medal. As we have documented, the Compact has not arrived. IS those who hoped to be able to buy this in order not to take home that pan of Xperia 1 maybe they will be disappointed. In our team here at IFA 2019 there are various lovers (fanboys, fans of the Japanese brand .. call us whatever you want) from Sony and its products. And in particular we have here, among the various smartphones also a XZ2 Compact (April 2018) and a XZ1 Compact (October 2017). And obviously one of the first things we did was to compare the "old" with the new. And well … the Compacts are another thing. I leave you some photo that portray the Xperia 5 with XZ1 Compact and XZ2 Compact. More in the video in opening it is possible to see them together during the hand-on (more precisely at 0:31).

Xperia 5 vs Xperia XZ2 Compact | Evosmart.it

Xperia 5 vs Xperia XZ2 Compact | Evosmart.it

Xperia 5 vs Xperia XZ2 Compact | Evosmart.it

2 – Software

If on one side optimization that Sony carries out on its devices is always masterly for energy efficiency and fluidity of the terminal even over the years, on the other the management of its apps and services is really starting to lose hits.

There speed of the OS very Google Pixel style and with few modifications, if not some proprietary app like the always promoted Album, Video, Music and the new Cinema Pro, there is no question. But the management that Sony is having over the last few years his services and its app is leaving so much to be desired. After years of improvements between Sony Xperia community, Beta programs and whatever else they had managed to get to have a Sony stock launcher that had little to envy of some available on Google Play. Between the possibility of changing icons, grid, icon size, icon layout and much more, fewer and fewer people saw the need to change it with a Nova Launcher or other. Suddenly, with Xperia 1 everything was removed in favor of a Pixel style launcher. No possibility of modification. Drawer with app list vertically and nothing more.

The customization they are less and less within the system. And the few that remain can be counted on the fingers of the hands and are below app form. For example, with Xperia 1 and Xperia 5, Sony has finally introduced an app to manage video games called Game Enhancer, but at the same time it is continuing to remove or reduce the functions of those already existing. For example the app Video (once called Film) it allowed to view the TV guide, the videos on other devices connected online at home and the videos in the smartphone, as well as to control the Bravia TVs. Now, if you don't have a Bravia, it turns out I'm a duplicate of the Album app, since you can also play videos. But I will not dwell on this aspect any further, given that the list of apps that have been resized or eliminated over the years is a long one (These include precisely Video, Album, TrackID, TrackID Movie, Audio Recorder and many others, or Sony services such as Sony Music Unlimited (ex-Qriocity), Sony Video Unlimited and PlayMemories Online). Fortunately, this is also part of it What’s New, the Sony store that allowed to download some selected apps and above all new themes. App pretty useless, especially since Sony has eradicated the themes from its devices (although it was one of the first to use them on the stock launcher in 2013, and from which the Substratum app is now derived).

xperia 5 magentaSony Xperia 5 | Evosmart.it

Among other things, the possibility is still lacking, in 2019, to do the long screenshots. And it is a paradox seeing how long these Xperia are ..

3 – Reduced camera

We have just said before that Xperia 5 mounts the same hardware as the Xperia 1. And indeed the rear cameras are the same identical. All from 12 MPixels. A wide-angle, a normal one with DRAM to make super slow-motion videos, and a 2X tele photo. However since we were talking about the previous section of limited apps over the years, it seems that Sony has hurriedly removed the a 960p. The only mode available now is the one called "Slow Motion" and only works at HD resolution and presumably a 120 fps. A huge step back in our opinion, especially as the cameras would look the same, according to the guys at the Sony stand.

4 – Price and exit period

Now we find ourselves in front of a great smartphone, but that comes out in the period between September and October, together with the new iPhones, at a price of € 799, but with features (more than other features) lower than the big brother who seems more and more like the concept of the "old" Premium. The competitors have now churned out the directs months ago competitors Which Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro, and all of them are now at ridiculous prices compared to Xperia 5. And surely, net of the functions are to be preferred to this Xperia 5 unless you are not lovers of the Japanese house .


We definitely have a lower price than Xperia 1, but many waivers. We also have small size, but not as easy as its old smartphones. The list price is high, but low compared to the list of other top of the range brands. There power there is everything and there are no real waivers on the components compared to Xperia 1 (separate OLED 4K). But the functions in less, one in all the loss of the Super Slow-Motion at 960p, throw an opaque veil over the inside of the product. And I will continue to repeat it. It is a great product, if you didn't know of the existence of 3/4 previous generations of Xperia, which in recent years brought with them truly unique features in the Android landscape.

Perhaps his misfortune is to bring along the desire for a product, the Compact, which however was not presented to us. And that maybe it will never come. He is not a Xperia 1 Compact and it never will be.

In recent months there have been many fluctuating rumors that said that Sony had abandoned the Compact line, but then it became known of a new Compact.

And perhaps from this last article in April we understand the solution behind the many rumors. The one in the Benchmark was not a Xperia 1 in version da 5.1 ″, but Xperia 5 (which has inches 6.1). And in fact all the features coincide.

Sony Xperia 1 Compact appears on the net. But didn't they have to exist anymore? | Evosmart.itSony Xperia 1 Compact appears on the net. But didn't they have to exist anymore? | Evosmart.it

But Compact aside, the one that leaves the most bitterness in the mouth is the fact that we expected more from Sony. And we have not seen this. If they had presented this together with Xperia 1 6 months ago, perhaps no one would have had anything to say about it. But today yes. Today, Sony has disappointed more those who have always enjoyed the Xperia as a smartphone. Today something really new was expected from Sony. And that something hasn't arrived.

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