iFixit disassembles the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and there is some surprise

by Kelvin
iPhone 11 Pro Max


As usual, the launch of a new smartphone follows a series of rituals, in which all the characteristics of the terminal away from its comfort zone are analyzed. From resistance tests to the most basic of all, disassemble it. iFixit has now disassembled the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it is interesting what they have found inside.


A few hours ago we were echoing a comparison in which both the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung were measured Galaxy Note 10+ in its resistance to shocks, one of the classic tests when a smartphone arrives on the market.

This is the iPhone 11 Pro Max inside

Maybe not on another smartphone, but on an iPhone, without a doubt, what is the access to the inside of the phone is something that can reveal some details that Apple Normally not disclosed. On the issue of RAM, which has been a lot of controversy when it comes to knowing if it had 4GB or 6GB, the doubt has been cleared down. Since in this test it was possible to verify that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has only 4GB of RAM, what compared to other range caps is a bit limited.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

On the battery, it has also been verified that this account has a capacity of 3969mAh, which is undoubtedly a record for an iPhone, which have always suffered from a fairly limited battery compared to Android phones. This battery also has a new L-shaped design within this iPhone model. Although in this aspect there is a surprise that could give us clues about the expected reverse load So far it has not officially reached this model.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

In fact, according to iFixit, it is a secondary battery connector on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the first time one of them is seen on an iPhone, a connector that is directly connected to the side of the wireless charging coil. Although it is not clear what this component is for, from the test they point out that could have to do with the reverse charge of the battery, like the view on Samsung and Huawei phones.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The other alternative that could explain this new hardware component is the new system to monitor battery performance and thus combat the problems experienced by Apple related to her a couple of years ago. No doubt we are left with those new components in the iPhone battery, which could open the door to reverse charging with a simple software update in the future.