iFixit says the Motorola Razr is the most complicated cell phone ever …

iFixit says the Motorola Razr is the most complicated cell phone ever ... 1

What has happened? After so much excitement and anticipation, the foldable Motorola Razr cell phone arrived last week, but the initial review is far from good. Now iFixit has done one of its famous teardowns on the device, calling it "the most complicated phone device we've ever separated."

Things are not looking good for Razr when CNET places the phone in a device called "FoldBot" with the goal of reaching 100,000 folds. Unfortunately, the hinge mechanism broke about 27,000 folds, approximately four hours. Motorola objected to the tests, noting that the bot was designed to be used with Galaxy Fold, which means it puts undue pressure on the Razr hinges and doesn't allow the phone to open and close as expected.

But Razr hasn't impressed many critics, and the iFixit decommissioning suggests it won't win awards for upgrades. This site gives you a score of 1 of the lowest 10.


IFixit notes that folding the Razr shows a gap between the hinge and a screen similar to the one that causes so many problems with the original Galaxy Fold. It only pops up in the middle of the folding action, but it's still a concern, especially when you pay $ 1,500.

It should be noted that there is an excessive amount of glue, making it difficult to open the Razr, and the fingerprint sensor cable next to the veranda button breaks easily when disassembling the device.

Other difficulties include the batteries glued to the POLED display sheets, which means that replacing them requires near-total disassembly and charging ports soldered directly to the main board.

iFixit Says Motorola Razr is the Most Complicated Cell Phone Ever Dismantled 2

In the end, however, iFixit writes that "the simple fact that this impossible tool exists is so high that we are not surprised by the ease of the service does not make it v1.0" He added that because this is a first generation design We shouldn't expect anything other than a low improvement score, but that could change when the next folded phone arrives. ”

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