iFixit suspends Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G in terms of reparability

by Kelvin
Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

From this Friday you can buy the new high-end of the Korean brand. One of the models in it is the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, which according to various tests is the best camera phone in the market. This phone has been analyzed by iFixit, which leaves us with bad news in this field. Since the high end takes a clear suspense by the web.


In iFixit you can usually check whether or not a phone is easy to repair. It is in this field where the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G gets bad results. It does not appear that this high-end phone is an easy phone to repair, thus obtaining a clear suspense. Your grade is 3 out of 10.

Therefore, we can see As the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G undergoes this repair process. Opening and closing the phone is complicated, which is undoubtedly an important problem to consider in this regard. But also the access to many elements in the device, such as the battery, is somewhat complex.

There are several clear criticisms for the phone in this regard. On the one hand, opening its rear glass lid is somewhat complicated. On the other hand, battery repair is somewhat more complicated than ever. In addition, if you want to repair the screen, which is a common problem in phones, you have to completely disassemble the phone.

This makes it clear that if you have problems with the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, device repair will be expensive. Especially outside your warranty period. So it is a detail to consider for many users who have an interest in this high-end version.

So, the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G clearly suspends this iFixit test. A phone that is complicated to repair, bad news for many, and it is also something that others may worry clearly. What do you think about these repair problems on the phone?

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