iFood lana lighter version of your app for cheap phones

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iFood lana lighter version of your app for cheap phones 1

iFood lana lighter version of your app for cheap phones 2

As it prepares to use drones in its deliveries, iFood announced this week a new version of its inbound mobile app. According to the company, the news should also help those people who have a limited data package.

So weighing less than 300 KB, the new iFood app can be initially used on Android and works without needing the Play Store. This is because the initiative is entirely based on web apps technology. Bruno Parizotto, iFood Product Manager, explains:

Although more than 16 million people have already used the platform, we still have the opportunity to take all the practicality that the app can offer to hundreds of millions more, since according to a recent survey by the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil, 70% of population already uses smartphones, which represents 126.9 million people. With the lightweight version and dining options for all tastes and pockets, we'll be able to include more people in this revolution in the food universe.

In addition to being lighter, the new version also has the same functionality as the main application. This way you can search for dishes and restaurants, access your order history and track their arrival. Another news announced by iFood is the redesign of its website.

With this, it is now also possible to place orders using a PC, for example. Users can also track orders, access restaurants right from the home screen, use GPS, and edit items in the bag at any time. Danilo Almeida, iFood Technology Coordinator, explains:

With these new features, customers will have a smoother experience that fits all screen sizes and is fully accessible for the visually impaired.

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