IKEA Smart Blinds Will Not Support HomeKit At Launch

IKEA Smart Blinds Will Not Support HomeKit At Launch 1

One of the selling points for IKEA smart home products, in addition to their affordable prices, is how they support the ecosystem Apple HomeKit. This means that they can be used in conjunction with other HomeKit devices and controlled at the same time or in groups. Unfortunately, one of IKEA's upcoming smart home products, the FYRTUR Smart Shade, will not be compatible with HomeKit when it launches.

If you find out about this for the first time, IKEA has previously announced plans to launch a series of smart blinds / shades. Since there aren't many Smart Shades that are HomeKit compatible on the market, that's good news for smart home owners who want to complement their home with it.


However, it appears that IKEA has confirmed that HomeKit support for its smart blinds will not be available at launch. The company has stated that they will add it later this fall, but exactly when it remains to be seen. This is not the first time that IKEA has postponed HomeKit support. They had previously postponed HomeKit's support for smart plugs, but it finally arrived, making it better late than never, we suppose.

Meanwhile, IKEA has announced that it plans to duplicate the efforts of smart homes by creating a new IKEA Home Smart business unit.

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