Improve photos taken with Samsung Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30 thanks to the Google camera

by Kelvin
cámara Galaxy M20


We all know how well the Google Pixel camera, one of the best applications we can find to improve the photos made with our phones. If you have a Samsung Galaxy M20 or a Samsung Galaxy M30 in your possession, now you can install the Google camera on both phones.


Most of the smartphones that we can find today in the market are up to par when facing one department or another. But, thanks to the developers that allow users to install the Google camera In our phones, the photographic section of any Android mobile can grow whole. The list of these phones has grown over the past few months and most manufacturers have compatible phones with this precious app in their catalog.

Now the Samsung Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30 They join these devices and also get their respective versions of the Google camera.

Google camera

Download the Google APK for Galaxy Samsung M

Samsung has completely renewed its catalog of smartphones Mid-range this year. Within it we find 4 phones in the new M series, ranging from the most economical entry level to mid-range models with the most interesting features. Spain has arrived on M20 and Galaxy M30, which can already be purchased at Amazon around 200-250 euros.

Both devices have decent specifications taking into account the price at which they are placed on the market. With a double and triple camera respectively, thanks to the Google Camera APK you can improve the photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy M20 and the Galaxy M30 Also, this updated version of the GCAM supports WearOS as well.

The size of this GCAM APK It is around 88.47MB so it is not that you need too much free space on your phone to install it. Once you have downloaded the previous file, you just have to install the application like any other on your device. If you have doubts and want to know how to carry out the installation process on both phones, which is not too complicated, here is a tutorial on downloading and installing GCam on Android devices. Once the process is complete you can also modify the camera settings within the Google camera until you find the desired shooting mode.

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