Improve the way you live with these wellness apps 2019

by Kelvin

When we are under stress, we end up putting our health in danger. Luckily for many, with the advances in technology there are applications that help us improve our well-being in a considerable way. These apps have become a support.

A few months ago, in the delivery of the Google Play Awards 2019, the best applications for Android devices were presented. Among the rankings were: The Outstanding Wellness App, better accessibility experience, better social impact and more. Where only those applications whose developers offer quality and meet certain requirements, had the opportunity to be nominated.


We want to talk to you in detail about the best wellness apps 2019 which were presented in the delivery of the Google Play Awards.

Kinedu: Early Stimulation Activities

This is one stimulation and development application, created by specialists in child growth, for parents who have babies from 0 to 4 years. It is currently used by more than 30 million users in more than 180 countries. Daily the app offers you ideas to improve your child's development. It offers you advice, activity plans, articles and information on how to establish a solid basis for its development.

Their activities show videos that explain how you should do them, what area you are working on and what you should be aware of. Kinedu He has designed these activities to stimulate the cognitive, physical and linguistic development of your baby.

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My Oasis – Touchez Sky Island

Stress is usually our worst enemy and getting rid of it becomes a tough battle. My Oasis is a game that will help you relax, when you need a break from your busy routine. You just have to play in a relaxed environment, there is no stress or moments to act quickly. Its relaxing music will make you feel calm. This app offers you an atmosphere of tranquility and a simple game mode, where your oasis will gradually grow.

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Shine – Self-Care & Meditation

Motivational texts and personal growth are the work of Shine. Every day this app is in charge of sending you affirmative messages that will help you feel calm. You can save your favorite texts, to assemble your self-help tools and listen to 5-second meditations. It offers a library with a variety of topics, to promote your self-care and help you grow as a person.

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Improve the way you live with these wellness apps 2019 6

This application It will help you correct your insomnia and maintain healthy sleep hours. Meeting the goals of going to bed and getting up every day at a certain time, will help you fight addiction by mobile and keep hours of sleep from 4 to 10 hours a day. When you achieve with your goals you will be building a magnificent building, which when you use your mobile during sleeping hours will collapse.

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Woebot: Your Self-Care Expert

Woebot will be your friendly personal care expert. It will help you to know yourself with a follow-up of your mood and will offer you skills to have a happier life. He will be in charge of helping you think about stressful situations and everyday challenges such as depression, anxiety, pain, relationship problems and more. It will be your coach to make you improve personally.

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These wellness applications nominated in the Google Play Awards, will help you stimulate your personal growth and lead a quieter life.

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