Improve your Stories of Instagram with this fantastic application

by Kelvin
Improve your Stories of Instagram with this fantastic application

With the premiere of the stories the application of Instagram divided the photographic content of ephemeral communications; enabling a new way to make content: more fresh, direct, more varied. The number of options that the Stories have at our disposal is very high, but it can always be amplified. For example, with the application Mouve.

The app we are talking about allows the creation of much more complex and live stories; and gives the option to add countless customizations. It offers a multitude of tools for you to believe Stories in Instagram, from photographs to videos, also text Stories. And it doesn't involve too much complication: once you install Mouve on your smartphone you Instagram It will take a remarkable turn in quality.


Mouve allows you to create countless Stories of Instagram originals

As we said, it's not that Instagram hinder creativity in Stories since these offer an infinity of tools, stickers and filters to create any type of communication. However, Mouve It goes much further as it offers more than 100 predefined templates to customize your Stories in an advanced way. If you take a little time you can create authentic works of art.

Mouve has more than one hundred templates to which you can add photographs, texts, music and various effects to create the perfect Story. Simply choose the template you like best, then add the images in the appropriate gaps, edit them in size or orientation, add color text choosing the most appropriate source for the composition and finish the Story in the form of a video that you can easily share in Instagram. In addition to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or where you prefer.

Improve your Stories of Instagram with this fantastic application

Mouve is a very careful and complete application worth trying if the Stories of Instagram They are your passion. It allows you to create them in a multitude of different ways while giving your publications a professional style, something that will be very helpful. Of course, as a free app that is Mouve has a drawback: apply a watermark to publications. It is not too annoying, but you can always remove it with a subscription. It is not essential either.

You can download Mouve for Android for free. It is an excellent complement for Instagram. You can also download it in Apk from UpToDown.

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