Improve your Wi-Fi with this pack of 2 Google Wi-Fi routers in promotion

by Kelvin
Improve your Wi-Fi with this pack of 2 Google Wi-Fi routers in promotion

[Le Deal du Jour] Google Wi-Fi routers extend the Wi-Fi coverage in your home. Currently, they are being promoted on Amazon : the pack of 2 routers drops to 149 euros instead of 249.


If you want to improve your home’s Wi-Fi coverage and performance, then you need to rely on efficient routers. Google Wi-Fi will take care of this task discreetly thanks to its case that blends easily into a room. Thanks to this solution, the Internet connection will be stable and will not encounter any interruption.

Usually displayed at 249 euros, the pack of 2 Google Wi-Fi routers is currently available at 149 euros on Amazon.

A pack of 2 Google WiFi routers.

To better understand the offer

  • What are the main features of Google Wi-Fi routers?

Google Wi-Fi improves and optimizes the Wi-Fi coverage of your home, especially if the Wi-Fi of your Internet box leaves something to be desired. It is more efficient than a traditional router, and will be able to stabilize your speed, even if you have 1 Gb / s fiber. The device comes in the form of a small, rather discreet case that will go almost unnoticed in your interior.

Google Wi-Fi must be connected to an Internet box so that the wireless network can broadcast. With the 2 routers in the pack, Google Wi-Fi can cover 160 m2; something to capture anywhere in your home (if you don’t live in a huge castle, at least). The device supports all network standards, except Wi-Fi 6. It also has two Gigabit Ethernet ports: one must be connected to your box, the other can be connected to the device of your choice (your computer, for example).

  • What to say about the Google Wi-Fi app?

Available on iOS and Android, the Google Wi-Fi app is pretty easy to use. It will allow you, once your devices have been identified (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.), to optimize performance by carrying out throughput tests at home to change the location of the device, if necessary.

You can also configure a guest network there. In addition, if you want to control your children’s Internet access, at the approach of bedtime for example, it will also be possible to apply a parental control which will suspend the Wi-Fi at the configured time. .