Improvements and Bugs in Windows 11 Build 22000.65

by Kelvin
Improvements and Bugs in Windows 11 Build 22000.65

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Windows 11 build 22000.65 has just been released, and there are a number of new features and some bugs that come with it. However, this latest build also fixes a number of pre-existing issues and provides quality improvements. In terms of features, this build doesn’t provide many new features, but it does bring some changes to the display design.

As it is known, Windows 11 has been announced by Microsoft and will be released in the near future. While waiting for the full release, Microsoft is also busy developing the operating system. They released the first build Windows 11 to users who have joined the program Windows Insider, so you can taste it first. Now Microsoft has released the latest build version.

Many users are quite surprised by the build naming Windows 11 version 22000.65, which then led to a number of speculations. Some observers call this version a network update that doesn’t change much. On the other hand, Microsoft might change the naming convention, so they won’t change the main build number every week.


Then what’s in Windows 11 build version 22000.65 this?

Search Feature in Start Menu

In this build, the Start Menu gets a new search box. While this feature would be helpful, however Windows 11 actually already has a search feature that offers the same functionality. The addition of a search box in the Start Menu is considered not too important, because basically it will also open a regular search that can be opened via the Taskbar.

Some users don’t really like this addition, because it makes there are two search boxes in the Windows 11. It is not clear what Microsoft’s intent and purpose is to present the search box in this Start Menu. Including whether this feature will be permanently in the Start Menu or not.

Taskbar Upgrade

It’s not just the Start Menu that gets the changes in this build. The taskbar has also gotten a slight upgrade, and will now appear properly on dual monitors. Users can activate this feature from the Taskbar settings in the Settings application.

Context Menu

The Context menu or right-click regains the Refresh option, where it was previously removed and moved to the Show More option, so it’s a pretty good change. Additionally, the Context Menu will also get a new option to run .ps1 files with PowerShell when right-clicking on a file.

Sound Troubleshooting

Another quality improvement is the presence of a new option to troubleshoot sound problems when the user right-clicks on the sound icon on the Taskbar.

Unfortunately, the troubleshooting window is still using Windows 10, and no rounded corner display has Windows 11, so it’s like it’s not in the right place.

Power Settings

Microsoft also made a number of changes to the power settings and now users can select a power mode directly from the power settings in the Settings app. Users no longer access the Control Panel to make power settings. However, the advanced options are still not available, and in the end they still rely on the existence of the Control Panel again.

Improved Snap Layout

There have also been improvements to snap layouts, and now the portrait layout will have three apps instead of four, giving users more usable space. This change is primarily intended for tablet users or users who use their monitor in portrait mode.

Bugs in Windows 11 Build 22000.65

Bug in Interface

Windows 11 brings a new interface with rounded corners, but unfortunately, not all elements use that look. Some application windows do not follow the user-selected theme settings, dark mode for example, where the application window still uses light mode. This leads to an inconsistency issue, but hopefully it can be fixed in the near future.


This build also has a strange bug that causes graphics while playing games to stutter when moving the mouse. This issue seems to be related to the Nvidia driver, however removing that driver didn’t fix the problem either.

Taskbar Icon

There is a problem with the icons on the Taskbar, where when you want to move the icon, it opens the application automatically. Indeed this is not a big problem, but still very annoying. Apparently, this problem occurs in an inactive application.


Widgets are the newest features introduced to the Windows 11, but it looks like the Widget is not working properly in this build 22000.65. When opening the widget panel, there is a bug that actually brings up the login page and asks the user to enter a PIN or password. The problem then when trying to login, it also doesn’t work. So for now, the Widget feature can’t be used at all.


In some cases an error appears with code 0xC004F213 followed by a message saying that no product or serial key was found on the device, even though Windows has been activated. So that the sign appears Windows still not activated.