iMyfone, the app that will help you keep your iPhone healthy and clean

by Kelvin
iMyfone, the app that will help you keep your iPhone healthy and clean 1

iMyfone by Umate, the tool that cleans your iPhone simply and intuitively

The iPhone has a very special appeal for most people, it is a reference device for both users and manufacturers, however everything is not as amazing as it seems. It is always necessary to take into account the interior of our devices, their internal space is very important, especially for those users who have mobile phones with low memory capacity.

Within our smartphones We usually save photos, files that we do not use, applications and their cache, cookies, backup records and many other things; For this reason we want to introduce the Umate's MyMone tool, a application that will help you keep your iPhone clean and healthy, locating all the files that could take up more space on your device and will help you clean it easily and intuitively.


iMyfone, the app that will help you keep your iPhone healthy and clean 2

iMyfone, an intuitive, powerful and fast tool to free up space on iPhone

It is likely that on more than one occasion you have encountered the problem of being able to download an application, a song from iTunes or even a problem when updating the device via OTA (Over The Air) since there is not enough space in memory of. In these cases we usually erase all types of content manually and, despite this, we always continue to have the same storage problem, even affecting the performance and speed of the phone.

The problem in question is that, when managing the space on our iPhone with the tools that Apple It gives us, like iTunes, we don't usually have full control of our devices. For this reason iMyfone Umate for Mac gives us greater control of all the content of our smartphones, which gives us the ability to manage in a much more efficient way all the content we have in our phones, being able to manually choose the content that we want to delete, compress or manage in another way, managing to gain more space on our devices.

iMyfone, the app that will help you keep your iPhone healthy and clean 3

This is how iMyfone Umate works

As soon as you start using the tool, it will allow us to perform a quick analysis of the device simply by clicking on the Quick Scan option, through the Home tab. Once the test is finished we will be able to access its different options to check the different files that are taking up space on our devices and manage it in the way that seems most convenient.

  • Clean Junk Files: This application has a system that analyzes our device and allows us to delete or manage more than 30 types of files (Crash Logs, Photo Caches, Download Temp Files, User Storage Files, App Cache Files, App Cookie Files, App Temp Files) .
  • Clear Temp Files: With this feature we will have the possibility of deleting all the temporary files that are in the device, regardless of the app that created them.
  • Compress Photos: It also cleans the files of the photos that are used by various applications and includes a compression option without loss of quality for the photos that can reduce the space occupied by them by up to 75 percent.
  • Delete Large Files: In our phones we usually save files that, in some cases, are usually too large. Thanks to this feature we can easily detect and delete them from the phone.
  • Remove Unused Apps: Finally, we can also check the apps that we have installed and the space they occupy, in order to erase those that take up too much space and that we do not usually use.

After doing this, and truly deleting unused files and applications, you will be surprised at the amount of space that your phone can gain, in addition, you can have an iPhone with more space, clean and well taken care of, how much more does iMyfone run.

iMyfone, the app that will help you keep your iPhone healthy and clean 4iMyfone, the app that will help you keep your iPhone healthy and clean 5

Our opinion on iMyfone

iMyfone by Umate is a fairly simple and practical application that you can use on your Mac computer in a totally intuitive way and getting free up iPhone space easily. In addition, everything that is deleted is also automatically copied to our computer, so there is no risk of losing content despite having deleted it from our device. iMyfone Umate is an easy-to-use alternative that cleans your device.

Download iMyfone for Mac

If you want this application to keep your iPhone clean and free of space, then you can download iMyfone for computers with OS X operating system (Mac) Through the direct download link you will find below, you can also take advantage of a special discount for our readers. Do not miss it!!!

Download iMyfone for Mac

If you have a computer with operating system Windows You can also use this tool, iMyfone Umate, on your computer and you can also get it with a discount through the download link that you will find lower.

Download iMyfone for Windows

Don't forget to tell us what you think about iMyfone and how much space do you get to erase from your iPhone.

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