In Fortnite a Path of Exile, check out the top 16 free PC games of 2021

by Kelvin
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We’ve put together a list of free PC games for you to spend time at home without hurting your pocket

Staying at home during quarantine is not an easy task. In addition to being extremely monotonous, it gives us that feeling that we already consume all types of media existing on the face of the Earth. With that in mind, we created a super list with 16 free games in PRAÇA 2021, available for you to enjoy alone or with your friends.

And right away, it’s important to emphasize that this is not a ranked list, so our goal here is to show you that in addition to today’s big hits, we can also spend good hours in front of the small screen with some titles you might not know about, and need to give it a chance. Of course, we are also dealing with some games made to run on more common machines, since the prices of components to build a PC Gamer have increased a lot in the last few months, so don’t worry.



If we’re talking about free PC games I couldn’t help starting this list with a great 2017 hit. Brawlhalla is a platform fighting game, which can be played in one mode. online up to 8 players or location. The title of Blue Mammoth Games and distributed by Ubisoft is very simple and gives you a single objective: defeat all your opponents and be the big winner of your arena. The project was heavily inspired by the classic Super Smash Bros. and will earn you many hours of punches, combos and laughs, especially when played with your friends. The game is 100% compatible with crossplay across all its platforms and definitely deserves your attention.

Platforms: Steam (PC), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch


Launched in Early Access in 2013, warframe quickly became a rage among gamers. steam, after all, it’s not often that players are awarded a MMORPG in third person, open world, situated in space and full of quality. Here the story is centered on the alien race of the Tenno, who remained in suspended animation for centuries until they woke up and discovered that the future of the universe was at stake with an intergalactic war.

The game has a wide range of customization options, missions player vs environment (player versus environment) and player vs player, in addition to great graphics, gameplay and excellent optimization on PCs. warframe is certainly the game for those who want to spend hours making grinding on the moons of some planet.

Platforms: Steam (PC), Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. crossplay supported in all versions.


It’s impossible not to mention Fortnite on any list of free PC, console and mobile games. the success of Epic Games has become a pop culture phenomenon, drawing in-game celebrities such as the rapper. Travis Scott and the showing of movies like The origin, from the renowned director Christopher Nolan. The game is about a Battle Royale, that is, a game mode that puts 100 players on an open map with the objective of eliminating all your opponents.

In addition, the title has a construction system that allows the player to create platforms to move around, or a protective barrier using resources found in the scenario, for example. Fortnite is that mandatory game for you who are looking for a good free game to have fun with your friends, and you won’t be disappointed.

Platforms: Epic Game Store (PC), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, iPhone. crossplay supported in all versions.


Heavily inspired by the iconic franchise Monster Hunter, Dauntless is a game of multiplayer cooperative up to 4 players, in which we assume the role of a hunter of gigantic creatures known as Behemoths. The game dynamic is to hunt these monsters and collect their loot to increase their skills and equipment to continue this cycle. The more colorful and cartoonish graphics are very assimilated to Fortnite, making this game a very fun experience.

Platforms: Epic Games Store (PC), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch. crossplay available in all versions.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Since the launch of the iconic CS 1.6 in the 2000s until Global Offensive, 2012, the famous shooting franchise has always been synonymous with fun for gamers, and for a long time the title of Valve was sold in steam, but that hasn’t stopped several pirate servers from breaking out over the internet. So, the company decided to launch a free version of the title, which can earn an upgrade of boxes and equipment in the amount of R$ 55.99. There is no mystery here, the game has a wide variety of modes and maps, in addition to a very simple gameplay. CS: GO is one of those essential free PC games if you’re up for frantic combat.

Platform: Steam (PC)

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Based on the grandiose universe of the franchise The Witcher, Gwent appeared as a mini-game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and it didn’t take long to win the favors of the players. THE CD Project Red gave carte blanche to the creation of a spin off and so the project was born. The title mixes skill, incredible characters and strategic battles to defeat your opponents. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is the perfect choice for free card game lovers.

Platforms: Steam (PC), Android, iPhone


As Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone is one of those free PC games that couldn’t be left out. With the same premise as the mode Battle Royale, the game of Activision is one of the biggest hits of 2020. In addition, there is another mode much more like a casual game, Loot, in which the objective is to be the player with the most amount of accumulated money. the quality of gameplay, added to the good graphics and a lot of content make this game the multiplayer Definite of the year and it’s definitely worth your attention.

Platforms: Battle.Net (PC), Xbox One, PlayStation 4. crossplay available in all versions.


After becoming one of the biggest phenomena in recent decades with the release of League of Legends, a Riot Games decided to bet on the segment of FPSs and conceived Valorant as your new title to compete in the scenario of e-sports. O multiplayer 5 vs 5 is very similar to CS, therefore, we have to find and defuse a bomb or protect it for 13 rounds to win the match. As overwatch, we choose characters with specific abilities to play and this increases a lot in the experience. Even if recent, Valorant is that little game that should keep you entertained for hours.

Platform: Riot Launcher (PC)

World of Tanks

War games have always been very popular in the video game industry, but what if we could command a super-equipped tank against a German division across Europe’s destroyed landscapes in World War II? Fortunately World of Tanks is the solution. The game mixes epic battles in different terrains, several machines and many customization options for the player. At first its gameplay can be even a little complex, but nothing that a little practice does not solve. Believe me, the feeling of knocking out a Panzer division is fantastic, and this game definitely deserves a chance.

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Continuing our list of free PC games, heartstone is another one for card game lovers. Set in the sensational universe of World of Warcraft, the game of blizzard it has nine game modes and a multitude of possibilities for setting up your decks. And don’t think it will be an easy task, the game will surely challenge you in frantic matches and make you question your strategy skills.

Platforms: Battle.Net (PC), Android, iOS

World of Warships

A good list of free PC games needs to include a naval battle game, doesn’t it? We present World of Warships, which has more than 300 historic and real ships, 200 of them from World War I and World War II, all of them super realistic and divided into basically 4 categories: destroyers; cruisers; battleships and aircraft carriers, each with a different gameplay. The game even allows you to add different skins for your ships to be customized according to what you prefer.

Platforms: Windows and Mac

League of Legends

It’s certainly impossible to put together a list of free PC games without mentioning League of Legends. Lolzinho is one of the biggest and most important phenomenons in the industry, featuring around 140 diverse player champions, and enabling epic battles between two teams with 5 opponents. The strategy game has a very simple objective: the champions face each other until the first one to completely destroy the opposing base.

League of Legends is only available for PC via Riot Launcher.

Apex Legends

Another excellent battle royale completes our list: Apex Legends. The game is one of the most highly regarded by players and has a simple premise: “Choose your character. Gather your squad. Show everyone what the Legends are capable of”. In the title we can choose to play with legends, including soldiers and outlaws, for example, and fight to be better among other players.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Path of Exile

if you like the genre Hack’n’slash, Path of Exile is a delight for any player. The game is very similar to Blizzard’s Diablo franchise, an action RPG that puts the player in a kind of penal colony called Wraeclast, and our character must fight to stay alive in battles against supernatural beings. It is possible to customize our protagonist and choose between seven classes to play their skills and get out of that place.

Path of Exile is only available on Steam.


Based on the beloved universe of Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter is an action MMORPG in which the player must explore and defend the setting of Forgotton Realms. The game is perfect for those who enjoy battles and epic stories and a world of fantasy, magic and many dragons.

Platforms: Epi Games Store (PC), Xbox One, PlayStation 4.


To close the list of the best free PC games I couldn’t help linking paladins, a game that caused a lot of controversy in 2016 for being too similar to overwatch. Developed by Hi-Ze Studios, the game has cartooned graphics and is a first-person shooter, where the player must choose a kind of “hero” and fulfill objects in modes such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, etc.

Platforms: Steam (PC), Epic Games Store (PC), Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Our list of best free PC games

To recap, our selection of the best free PC games of 2021 (with some titles available for other platforms as well) is made up of:

So, did you like our list of free games? Did you think you’re missing any? So comment there, because we want to know your opinion. And of course, stay tuned for showmetech to remain integrated about the world of games and technology.