In Watch Dogs Legion you can control a grandmother at risk of heart attack

by Kelvin
In Watch Dogs Legion you can control a grandmother at risk of heart attack

The grandfather of the heart attacks of Watch Dogs

Would you choose a character that is at risk of randomly dying in each game? It doesn't seem too interesting, however, the people of Ubisoft have thought it could be quite fun. As you will surely remember, in Watch Dogs Legion We will be able to play with any character that appears in the game. All NPCs are manageable, and that will give us an incredible range of possibilities, since each person will have their personal ability.


In today's video, we could see how Viktor Lysenko He is a young man with problems with the drink that is able to withstand the blows better when it is fine. That is to say, if he is drunk, the good one of Viktor will help us to endure mamporros in a fight. On the other hand, Sue Taylor She is a public defender whose ability is none other than being able to get out of jail automatically, although it will be applied in 25% of cases.

But if there is someone who has especially called our attention, it is Alan Murphy, a grandmother who apparently has not visited the doctor in 25 years, something that has prevented him from knowing his heart problems, since Alan's good could suffer a heart attack in full game. The ability of this older man is to produce 100% damage when shooting with rifles, although his weakness is that he can palmar at any time. Would you let your team be in danger with this member?

Watch Dogs Legion Heart Attacks

Watch Dogs Legion arrives in Stadia

This new trailer has been released taking advantage of the live conference of Google Stadia, a broadcast where more games have been announced that will arrive with the service and among which you will naturally find Watch Dogs Legion.

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