Pokémon GO has a new update. The most famous saga opens, in its version with augmented reality, the fifth generation Pokémon that we could see in games like Black Pokémon and White Pokémon. Starting today, new Pokémon will start appearing for the game and will be nothing more than those we can find in the region of Teselia, the translation of Unova for Europe.


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After Pokémon GO began its journey over 3 years ago with Pokémon from the Kanto region and incorporated those from the Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions the fifth generation arrives. Get ready for more raids and keep investigating, as this generation is coming to the game and here we give you several indications of how to capture them.

Some tricks to capture the fifth generation Pokémon in Pokémon GO

In the following lines we show you how to get these Pokémon and even how to get the eggs of Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott.

Which fifth generation Pokémon will appear wild?

Through the game you can find several Pokémon from the region of Teselia in its freest state, they are the following: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Pidove, Blitzle and some more.

Which Pokémon can be obtained by hatching eggs?

There are several Pokémon that you can get only with the eggs, and they are the following, depending on the kilometers you have to walk:

  • Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin and Pidove in 2 km eggs.
  • Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Blitzle, Drilbur and Foongus in the 5 km eggs.
  • Ferroseed, Klink, Litwick, Golett and Deino in 10 km eggs.

What Pokémon will appear in the 5th generation Raids?

After much fighting, Candela has discovered that it will be possible to get Lillipup, Patrat and Klink in the Raids. And of these, Klink will never appear wild Outside the Raids so you will have to prepare for these if you want to capture it.

Which Pokémon appear only in certain regions?

And like all major updates, there will be some Pokémon that will only appear in certain regions. Blanche has been investigating and can ensure that all these will appear only according to the place in the world where you are. If you want to get them you will have to travel to other areas of the planet or find a way to reach them without moving, which means risking receiving a penalty from the game's developers.

  • Asia-Pacific Zone: Pansage, the Grass Monkey Pok√©mon.
  • Zone of Europe, Middle East, Africa and India: Pansear, the Burning Pok√©mon.
  • Zone of America and Greenland: Panpour, the Splash Pok√©mon.
  • Western Hemisphere: Heatmor, the Anthill Pok√©mon.
  • Eastern Hemisphere: Durant, the Pok√©mon Ant.

What fifth generation Pokémon will be available in its various color form?

If yours are the variocolor (or shiny) Pokémon, you should know that you can find both Patrat and Lillipup in this attractive way.

You will need the Teselia stone to evolve some Pokémon

In addition to all of the above, you should try to get the Teselia stone. It is a black and white object that allows some Pokémon like Lampent to evolve. This object can be achieved through the research achievements and not in any other way.

And these will not be the only Pok√©mon discovered in the region of Teselia that you can find. The Niantic team reports from their blog that Professor Willow will continue working to inform us of those that have not yet appeared. The moment has come, Throw yourself into the street and get ready to get all the Pok√©mon in the Teselia region. These next months you already have a job …

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