In your opinion, how did HTC sales in Q2 2019 go?

by Kelvin

Yes, it went wrong again this time

It seems like a never-ending story: HTC released the financial report for its Q2 2019, and the news (once again) is not good. The company would have this quarter lost 2.23 billion TWD (Taiwanese dollars), or about 63 million euros. For comparison, last year the net loss was (just) 59.6 million euros.

Unfortunately, HTC's June gold failed to make up for the loss. Moreover, turning the knife in the wound, not only net losses increased compared to last year, but revenues are also falling, from 194 million euros last year to 80 this quarter. In percentages, it went from a 2.7% loss to a 14.7% loss in a year.


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In short, a story that is repeated from quarter to quarter. Of course, there are those who see the glass as half full and those who hope for rebirth with the Wildfire brand, but now HTC is sinking and must absolutely revise its strategy if it wants to try to reassemble.

Via: Phone ArenaSource: HTC

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