InCaseOf, the tweak that carries a function of the Health app from iOS 8 to iOS 7

by Kelvin

Enjoy one of the Health features of iOS 8 in iOS 7

We have already said in countless opportunities that User health is one of the major concerns of Apple and also from many of the leading mobile technology companies. Among its recent releases is Health, the new application that will come from the hand of iOS 8, but if you do not want to wait so long you have to know that there is InCaseOf, a tweak for Cydia that emulates one of its functions.

InCaseOf, the tweak that carries a function of the Health app from iOS 8 to iOS 7 4

How is InCaseOf, one of the most interesting tweaks for Cydia?

Indeed, as we mentioned before, Apple It is beginning to integrate more and more functions related to the health of users, and in the same terms we find that soon the iWatch will also go on sale to synchronize all the information of our day to day with iOS 8. But of course, There are many users who do not want to wait for these releases, and decide to bet on InCaseOf, a very interesting tweak for Cydia on iOS 7, which we will shred below.


InCaseOf, is indeed a tweak that has caught the attention of users because it is responsible for advancing iOS 7 one of the functions of the Health application that we hope to see in the new iOS 8. In this way, in our lock screen we can See all the clinical information that corresponds to us, and for this we only have to pay 1 dollar through Cydia.

According to its developers, this tweak works in such a way that if we had an emergency on public roads and the assistance services would take our mobile phone to search for information, they could quickly find all the necessary clinical data. Although it seems a fairly extreme measure, medical institutions have assured that it could be very useful in cases of the same nature.

InCaseOf, the tweak that carries a function of the Health app from iOS 8 to iOS 7 5

The simplicity of InCaseOf, one of its strengths

The tweak so far is available in English, French, German, Italian and Japanese languages, it will soon be translated into new ones, such as Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, and most importantly for us, Spanish . Once installed, a button will appear on the lock screen with the acronym ICE that comes from the English In Case Of Emergency, in case of emergency, and when we click on it a window will open with all our health data.

Already among the information that is obvious as soon as we open the application, we can find some data such as blood type, date of birth, any organ donated or received; and already much more basic ones such as the name of the user, and his address.

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