Incognito mode for Google Maps will arrive soon

by Kelvin

Google has been working in incognito mode for Google Maps for a while. This mode is already being tested publicly, so we will probably receive it in the coming weeks. What is this mode for? We tell you.

Incognito mode is a tool that has been in our browsers for years and that allows us to visit certain pages without leaving a trace in the navigation data, being ideal for when we use a computer that is not ours, among other varied uses. And on Google they want to expand it to more applications.


Incognito mode in Google Maps is almost ready

Google Maps is one of the most pampered applications by the great G, receiving continuous improvements. And the incognito mode is one of the following, as we read in Android Police.

This mode is beginning to reach some users who are updated to version 10.26. And it is as easy to access as clicking on the button of our profile and giving the button to activate the incognito mode for Google Maps. And what is capable of doing this mode?

  • Save your search history.
  • Send you notifications.
  • Update your location history.
  • Use your personal information to personalize Maps.

The notice also makes it clear that the incognito mode not completely anonymous, and that your activity may continue to be registered by other applications and web pages that you are using (to which you have given location permissions, of course). In the case of being a professional mobile, your boss, school or organization can continue to access your location, as well as your Internet service provider.

As we have already mentioned, this mode is not yet available to everyone, but being in a public testing phase makes us see that it is almost ready to reach all users.

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