Indie games and news deserve attention this week

by Kelvin
Indie games and news deserve attention this week 2

In the first episode of this independent series, we have selected several games that we think you should pay attention to.

Welcome to the first iteration of our new regular series: Indie games and news deserve attention this week. As you may have guessed, we'll collect the biggest stories from the independent world for you to take a look at.

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VG247 is the blatant mainstream; We often love covering the biggest games in more ways than one, but we also realize that we can do more to highlight some of the great work that independent developers produce every day.

We will choose the most interesting revealed games, future releases, news and even business events that will be shown in a story. Lots of awesome games come to our inbox every day, so it's hard to include them all, but we'll try to tell you about something we like, cool innovations, or just show games with a solid hack.

Indie games and news deserve attention this week 2

Hot indie game February 10

The first part of this function will be dedicated to projects that have just been announced, or games that reappear with new trailers, etc. Basically, this is a game that interests us for one reason or another this week.


Cloudpunk, a cyberpunk adventure by German developer Ion Lands, has reappeared with a new trailer and some new features. Initially announced for Steam, this game will also launch on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch later this year.

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Cloudpunk is a voxel-based open-world adventure where you play as a delivery boy who travels through the city of Nivalis to collect and drop packages, and meet new characters along the way.

As you can see in the trailer, you are actually driving a flying car from one place to another. This is enough to put it on our radar, because some games of that size allow you to explore the futuristic cities they occupy. [/ embed]


Backbone is a black detective adventure starring a raccoon. This game was taken over by publisher Raw Fury this week, which will help bring it to PC and consoles in early 2021.

The Backbone World is based on the real world of Vancouver, with obvious differences in anthropomorphic animals. You will be able to use your intrinsic and intellectual skills to investigate clues, search for clues, and organize cases.

The dystopian world of this game is filled with Jazz, sadness, and intrigue, and you can even play a free prologue now on Steam. [/ embed]

Yes your honor

Yes, Your Honor, a game in which you can become a terrible ruler, officially has a release date.

Yes, His Majesty allows you to rule the medieval empire by carrying out the daily duties of the royal family. You can recruit allies, issue decrees, and discover how to solve worldly problems and other fantastic problems today, including working with magicians.

Yes, his majesty came on the 6th March on Steam, priced at $ 20. [/ embed]

Curse of the Dead Gods

The Curse of the Dead Gods was actually announced last week, but it looks so good that we have to include it in this first edition. Curse of The Dead Gods is an isometric action game, like the bastards of Passtech and Focus Home Interactive.

This is a racing based game where you will use long range melee weapons to help you face even the horrors of increasingly difficult monsters and increasingly complex dungeons.

Along the way, you will develop your own character's strength through demonic mutations. This battle seems interesting, and the variety of mechanics on display makes it one of the most interesting in the world.

The Curse of La Dead Gods is coming to Steam Early Access on March 3 [/ embed]

Games you can play this weekend

We are pleased to anticipate interesting disclosures of the project under development, but we are also looking forward to the weekend of Friday. That is why we will dedicate this next section to games that you can play now or in the coming days. Betas, demos, full releases and everything else will go here.

Alder blood

The Alder Blood prologue was released this week on Steam, free for anyone to download. Alder's Blood is part of a world-focused exploration game that unites the Wild West with Victorian-era folklore.

You play as the leader of a monster hunting group that travels around the world where the gods have rearranged their humanity. The game's exploration layer lets you decide when to start each hunt, and even set a trap for monsters to engage on your own terms. You won't always have this chance, because the shadowy world hides many relentless tests.

Although Prolog has a different character than the one we will play in the full game, it will give you an idea of ​​the game loop. Download now via Steam. [/ embed]

West dead

The West of La Dead open beta has started. Available now on Steam and Xbox One until February 24, this beta version lets you experience the unique double-stick shooter experience.

The developer describes it as a "360-based double stick shooter," which will make a lot more sense when you see it in action or clear it up. The battle of West of Dead seems fluid, with clever animations to get in and out of protection.

It has a killer style with thick ink lines and bold colors, and you can play the character played by Ron Perlman.

Beta PCs can only be played using a controller, and you have to go through some obstacles to get the Steam key, but that's it. You can also get it on Xbox, with no rings. [/ embed]


Darksburg is a cooperative top-down action game from Northgard developer Shiro Games. This game came to Steam Early Access earlier this week, available for $ 18 through Wednesday.

Darksburg launched with four playable heroes and five maps. You can play it yourself, with AI taking control of the remaining heroes, or with three other players. Darksburg also has a PvP mode where you can play as one of the four zombie classes and fight four survivors on the other side.

The game has various fun weapons and abilities, like a hero hero using a giant frying pan. [/ embed]

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