Infinity Ward worked on a ‘Halo killer’ that never came

by Kelvin
Infinity Ward worked on a ‘Halo killer’ that never came

There is no doubt that Halo It has been a rival to beat as far as FPS is concerned, especially if we refer to the multiplayer plot. In addition, its setting and in an environment related to science fiction, made the saga something unique that attracted thousands of players since its launch.

Given their unquestionable success, from Infinity Ward they decided that, after the launch of Call of Duty 2, the time had come to get to work on a «Halo killer», a science fiction FPS that will not only rival the Microsoft game, but will surpass the acclaimed title in all sections, including, of course, the number of players. This is how design director Geoff Smith tells it


All my friends were playing Halo, and I couldn't convince them to try CoD 2. I thought, ‘Well, you're a really cool space man who is shooting things. It's really hard for me to convince them to be great with a wooden gun with a pot on my head.

However, the Halo Killer was …

Continuing with the story, from Infinity Ward they got down to work, with the idea of ​​making a title that was the end of Halo's reign. They even had ideas for the design of enemies: the Cryptid alien race, which we later saw in Call of Duty: Ghosts ’Extinction, would be the main enemy of the story.

However, finally from Infinity Ward they decided to continue with Call of Duty. Of course, this time they would focus on a more contemporary era leaving World War II behind, a decision with which they would finally achieve their goal: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare managed to beat Halo 3 in sales, convincing, somehow, in that "Halo killer" they were looking for.

In any case, Halo Infinite is preparing to recover his throne. You know: Spartans never die, they just disappear in combat.

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