Instagram and WhatsApp will soon rename

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Instagram and WhatsApp will soon rename

Instagram and WhatsApp will soon rename 1

For many Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are independent applications, but all three share something in common and are part of the ecosystem of Facebook. Yes, those of Menlo Park operate on all three platforms in addition to others such as Oculus, dedicated to the construction of virtual reality equipment. But in the case of apps they want to make it clear which are the official ones and that's why Instagram and WhatsApp will soon rename.

All with the surname ‘of Facebook’.

App stores are the place where users can download compatible programs with their smartphone or tablet, although sometimes you may encounter some unpleasant surprise. In fact, the most popular apps have their clones across the stores and some of them hide viruses. Because, Facebook want to make things clear and indicate what their official apps are Instagram and WhatsApp will change their name.


Do not panic, it is just a mere corporate formalism that is carrying out the brand. It turns out that soon we will see the names'Instagram of Facebook'or' WhatsApp of Facebook' in app stores, which added to the authenticated author will indicate that you download the correct application.

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