Instagram denies that you will use personal information of your users

by Kelvin
Instagram denies that you will use personal information of your users

“Do not forget that tomorrow begins the new policy of Instagram for which they can use your photos ”, warned a false image that began to viralize on this social network thanks to celebrities such as Judd Apatow, Tom Holland, Rob Lowe, Julia Robert and even, by the Secretary of Energy of the United States, Ricky Perry, in a failed attempt to prevent other users about how Instagram could use your information against you. "Do not forget that the deadline is today!", Alarmed the image.

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The message, which also explained that everything that has been published in Instagram, including deleted conversations and images would be public without permission, I urged users to share the image in their profiles because otherwise, you would have accepted that your information be used thanks to the new rules of Instagram. Then, the image “would notify Instagram (that) it is strictly prohibited to reveal, copy, distribute or take any other action ”against the user; that is, it would function as a kind of (absurd) legal immunity. But it was a complete lie that according to Verne, It is a fakenews (reclicada) that has been used on other occasions.

(Photo: Governorperry /Instagram)

Stephanie Otway, spokesperson for Facebook, denied in an interview with CBS News the veracity of this text full of spelling mistakes. "There is no truth in this post," he said, since in addition, there are not even reports on possible changes in the conditions of use of Instagram.

The reasons why this message went viral and managed to fool people can be justified. To provide credibility, the message took as a source of origin a local media outlet. "Channel 13 News talked about the change in privacy policy of Instagram”, He said, including the name of a supposed law, the UCC 1-308-1 1 308-103.

According Verne, in 2012 a site called Snopes, dedicated to deny false information, he reported that at that time a similar image appeared to warn that Facebook He also had dark plans with the information of his users.

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