Instagram get serious with influencers: tolerance 0 with weapons and tobacco

Instagram get serious with influencers: tolerance 0 with weapons and tobacco 1

Mark Zuckerberg continues to improve conversations on his social network and now the focus is on Instagram. This year, the company has really tried and eliminated the likes of ending Suka's dictatorship.

With this movement, Facebook It hopes to end the self-esteem and insecurity problems caused by this number, especially in the younger population. A report from the Royal Society for Public Health and the Youth Health Movement that qualifies Instagram as one of the worst social networks for young people's mental health "because it causes anxiety".


Now the next step is to limit the business of influencers and content creators on social media. Since January Instagram prohibits the promotion of branded vaping, tobacco, or firearm products.

Electronic cigarettes spread among young people at high speed. This is reflected in the latest edition of a survey on the use of drugs in secondary education, by the Ministry of Health, which warns that almost half of young people are between 14 and 18 years old (48.4%) tried various devices new related to tobacco, when two out of five (20%) had evaporated two years ago

“Brand content promoting items such as vaping, tobacco, and weapons will not be allowed. "Our advertising policy has long banned the advertising of these products, and we will begin implementing them in the coming weeks," he explained. Instagram in a statement released this Christmas.

In addition, the company has informed that these steps will take effect from next year. Instagram He also added that the promotion of content related to alcohol and food supplements will have special restrictions.

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