Instagram includes new features in IGTV: tags, clipping and video duration

by Kelvin
Instagram en iPhone

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Instagram has incorporated a series of interesting news in its video platform IGTV. For everyone who is not familiar with the topic, IGTV is a section of the social network in which users can post video content like this with a longer duration than in regular publications.

Specifically Instagram added support for tags, clip options in thumbnails and has extended the duration of videos on IGTV. But we will talk more in depth about these developments below.

The truth is that it is a very good initiative. And if you do not usually use IGTV normally, it will continue to bring you benefits, since content creators can improve the quality of their publications and you can enjoy it.

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All the news of IGTV

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The social network is beginning to implement a series of very useful changes to IGTV as of today. You have finally heard the requests of the content creators and thanks to this update you can upload longer videos, add tags and trim your creations.

First, now IGTV offers the possibility of publishing video content with a duration of 15 minutes in mobile publications.

On the other hand, when publishing a video, IGTV will show a series of tag and hashtags recommendations in descriptions and titles. In this way, IGTV videos can reach more people.

And finally, Instagram includes new clipping options on both iOS and Android. So the creators can choose a 1: 1 cropped image in thumbnails or a 4: 5 image for vertical format previews.

What do you think about these news? Do you usually use the IGTV section of Instagram? We await your opinion in the comments.

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