Instagram increase resources to restore accounts and report abuse


This Tuesday11) is Secure internet day. The date, which serves to increase awareness of online security practices, was easily chosen by Instagram for feature ads that will allow users to retrieve hacked accounts or report malicious content, for example.

These features are not entirely new. Some of them have been implemented, in whole or in part, in recent months. The important thing is that they can be very useful if you have a problem Instagram.


They start with the reporting function. It happened Configurations, Help Y Support requestYou can track the status of the report you created. There, it is also possible to take measures regarding the reported profile, such as mute, block or stop following it.

If you do not agree with the decision made by Instagram Regarding reports, you can request review reviews. Violent content, illegal product sales, and intimidation are some of which can be reported.

By the way, that Instagram Remember that it has a function to combat bullying: the Restrict option, which prevents users from receiving notifications from the accounts included in this mode. This social network also highlights that it has an artificial intelligence system that can detect and remember potentially offensive content.

Combating bullying in Instagram

Anyone with an account is disabled for violating the terms of use Instagram You will immediately see an option to appeal the decision as soon as you try to enter the request. The user must provide their full name, email address and the reason why their account should be restored. This option is already available, but only on the social media help page, not in the application itself.

For those whose profiles are overrun, the Instagram He also explained that he has a tool to help account recovery. After detecting that the user cannot authenticate, the service will display a help link on the login screen that will allow the person to prove account ownership, for example, by entering a code sent by email or SMS.

Once the account is restored and the user updates their details (such as a password), access to it from other devices will be disabled immediately.

Of course, prevention is better than cure. One way to protect your account from hacking is to enable verification 2 step Instagram, because the service itself wants to show.

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