Instagram It already has a dark mode: so you can try it

by Kelvin
Instagram It already has a dark mode: so you can try it

Instagram from the beginning a social networks with a clearly dominant theme From the beginning, the interface has been dyed white and this has not changed in recent years and has been available on Android. Today we can know that social network owned by Facebook change this primary goal to very dark gray. This can only mean one thing: dark mode also reaches Instagram for Android. We already know that it is being tested in beta and that Users with Android 9 Pie or higher You can force this dark mode.

Dark mode fever has risen in temperature since Google introduced Android 10. The new operating system has a mode that forces dark mode on all apps that don't have it, so developers have to work. They prefer to make their own dark mode before Google implements, through artificial intelligence, yours.


Now you can try the dark mode Instagram on Android

Had been Android Police the media responsible for publishing news. First, we were told that only users entered Android 10 they may have dark access to this test, something that has been denied over time. Multiple users in Android 9 Pastel They also successfully installed the beta version and forced this dark mode on the interface. This means that if you have one of these two operating systems, you can do it.

You must Download the latest beta version available through the APK and install it on your device. To force it dark mode It is important to activate it from the developer settings, because the application itself does not have a switch to activate and deactivate it.

We don't know if Instagram This will apply this switch in the latest version of dark mode, so please wait to verify it. What we do know is that It does not work well. This is beta, so bugs are the order of the day. Some interface details are not well defined and may have stability problem.

Everything that used to be white now it turns dark gray. The font is now white and some notification details are still displayed in red. It's strange to see this new interface after spending years blank, but it will be a matter of time to get used to it.

We don't know the time will pass Instagram Implement this dark mode in the final version of the application.. So far it hasn't stopped beta and needs some improvements before it can jump. Maybe 3 or 4 a week is the time you need Instagram to get started global and stable spread.

APK Instagram Beta | Mirror APK

Source | Android Police

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