Instagram it doesn't record you but these apps do and they show you advertising

by Kelvin

Everything that surrounds the privacy and applications of Facebook (included Instagram) is a very thorny issue. At the moment, it has not been proven that these apps listen to what we say, but there are others in which it seems to have been proven if they do so later show us publicity.

This conclusion has reached a study by Wandera, a company specialized in mobile security, which has found a couple of applications that listen to us without us being aware of it.


Beware of Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Beauty Camera

The alarms jumped when the tests found that both applications created a shortcut I miss in the app drawer that is automatically deleted.

Although we uninstall this shortcut, they have verified that the application is still running in the background. But this is not all, the applications will begin to show advertising outside the app in full screen.

This advertising It is very complicated to close because will cover the entire screen. What has caused your Play Store score be low, although higher than we could believe in the case of such an invasive app.

To prevent it from being audited correctly, APK files (Android application format) are packaged using a chinese service which prevents gutting the application.

The permissions that both apps require are very suspicious for simple cameras that add some effects to the photographs. For example power record audio at all times, install shortcuts, the automatic activation after restart and the permission of show windows inside other apps.

These permissions would fully explain the strange behavior of both Sun Pro Beauty Camera like Funny Sweet Beauty Camera.

What to do if we suspect an application?

The recommendations we can give from here are very clear. The first one is, yes advertising begins to appear where it doesn't touch check the latest facilities and delete one by one to see if it is solved.

The second is just download applications from an official store. In this case, all Google security controls have been skipped, but this is not usually the norm.

And the third is be very careful with the permissions that certain applications require. The most classic example is that of the flashlight app that asks us for access to the device's location or to the contacts calendar. They are signs that can make us distrust.

So for now and until proven otherwise we can be calm using Instagram, but quite nervous if we do not uninstall Funny Sweet Beauty Camera or Sun Pro Beauty Camera why record our conversations and show advertising where it doesn't play.

Via: Wandera

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