Instagram officializes section that joins IGTV and feed videos on the platform

by Kelvin
Instagram Video (Imagem: Divulgação/Instagram)

O Instagram announced this Tuesday (5) that it is taking the section “Instagram Video” for all users of the application. The change, anticipated by the Techblog in July of this year, it reinforces the company’s strategy of focusing on audiovisual content and makes us question the longevity of IGTV — the button for the resource disappeared from the platform some time ago.

As we reported earlier, the new video feed began testing shortly after Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, announce plans to consolidate Reels and videos in general on the platform.

According to Mosseri, the Instagram “it’s no longer a social photo network”. To deal with the gigantic competition from TikTok, which recently passed the 3 billion downloads mark, the platform has new measures to attract content creators, including monetization tools.


It’s not the end of IGTV (yet)

Despite the disappearance of the IGTV button, a spokesperson for the Facebook states that all videos in this feed can also be found in the exclusive app. Instagram TV, which has been enhanced.

Facebook is also bringing authoring and editing capabilities to all videos, including clipping, filtering and location tagging.

If updating the Instagram with the new Videos feed hasn’t arrived for you yet, it’s worth checking out your device’s app store. The new feature, as well as editing functions, should soon be available to all users.