There are times when applications do not go as they should. Still having a team of powerful computer developers behind. This is the case of, for example, Instagram, that there are times when it closes alone or freezes, preventing any action with it. In Internet forums and videos of YouTube There are numerous users who wonder why this happens with their favorite photography application and that is why we have decided to try to shed some light on this problem by giving you some small tips.


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We have to tell you two things. The first is that these tips and tricks are not infallible but they can solve your problem in most cases; The second is that these tricks can be applied to any tool you download in the Play Store.

Solutions to the problem: Instagram He stopped

Updates failures

We started with a bit of a trap, because, in reality, this is like a ‘you hold on’. Let's see, we explain: developers upload updates of their applications to solve certain failures from previous versions. What happens, sometimes, is that these new updates also come with failures, such as those that give the unexpected closure of the application. Look to see if in the Play Store you have a new update of Instagram Solve the failure. If not, wait until it is available or go to the next tip.

Instagram stopped, solutions to make it work again 3Check your data connection

This advice may sound a bit silly but … how many times have you looked for something and had it in your hands? There are times when the most obvious solutions are the ones we least think about. Yes Instagram It does not work, or videos and images are not uploaded, check your WiFi connection if you are at home or data if you are browsing with your mobile rate. If you are in WiFi, restart the router.

Restart your device

The oldest tricks, sometimes, are the most effective. That something does not work? Restart it Before, when a TV did not work, it was tapped on it and, hopefully, the image returned. The restart is that Touchez but in the 21st century. When we restart a computer it is este reconfigured ’and the instabilities that appear can be solved, such as forced application closures. To relinquish an Android device we must press and hold the unlock button and lock for a few seconds until it restarts automatically. That is if our mobile does not have a restart option in the system, of course.

Clear application cache data

It is a method that usually corrects the vast majority of application failures. Depending on your personalization layer, application cache clearing is usually in one place or another, but it's usually not complicated to do. Simply, you should look for the application in the ‘Applications’ section in the ‘Settings’ from the phone and, within it, locate the ‘Clear data’ option. If clearing the cache is not solved, try to erase all data. And, ultimately, uninstall and reinstall Instagram.

Instagram stopped, solutions to make it work again 4And as a last resort …

If you see that not only Instagram goes wrong on your mobile and nothing has been fixed even with a restart, you must format your mobile. All data will be erased and the mobile will appear taken from the factory.

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