Instagram took a 180 degree turn in its history by incorporating the so-called ephemeral stories, which everyone knows colloquially as ‘the Stories’. These little video clips have monopolized Instagram, being the function of the application most loved by its users. Within the Stories we also have multiple effects, filters and masks with which to enrich the recording experience, in addition to tools with which to create GIFs and even collages, although the latter is found outside the Stories section.


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Instagram, as you know how important Stories are to users, keep improving their functions and adding new features. On the one hand, the developers of the application would be considering integrating ‘Layout’, the collage application of Instagram, within the Stories, so that we could share our collages. In addition, he also wants to improve the experience in the Stories by adding new features in the Boomerang application, that tool in which we record small clips that are then played in loop and that we use so much to jump on the beach.

Now three different types of 'Boomerang' with the new version of Instagram. The first, called "Hold" in which the loop stops at the end of each loop; Dynamic in which the loop is twisted at the end of the loop; Slowmo, slower version of the Boomerang that we all know; Finally, Duo and Duo 2, with which we can play with the speed of the loop.

We still don't know anything about this new feature that would be being tested in future versions of Instagram. All this information has been poured by a famous blogger specialized in this type of leaks from his personal blog, in which you can see a fun animation to see better what these new videos ‘Boomerang’ consist of. In addition, as indicated, the icons of Instagram They will suffer a redesign that will greatly improve their visual appearance.

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