Instagram test areas with writing in chronological order


that Instagram You can offer something similar to your previous feed in reverse chronological order to display the latest photos and videos. Social media tests a separate area from the main source, called the "latest post."

The novelty was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, who usually contributes resources before being released on social media. Hair TwitterThis shows that this new feature resembles a previous feed, but not exactly the same.


The screen published by Wong shows that Instagram It will display pop-up windows in the feed so that users can see the most recent posts of some of their friends. If the suggestion is accepted, the application will display a new screen.

The call was confirmed by a spokesperson for the social network, who decided not to provide further information. "This is the initial prototype of a recent hackathon," said Alexandru Voice, in Twitter. "This is not publicly available to anyone and we have no plans to test or release it at this time."

Bait in reverse chronological order is no longer used in Instagram in 2016. Since then, social media has adopted a feed in which posts are organized according to the algorithm that most interests you.

After many complained that they didn't see the post they wanted due to a new reservation, it was Instagram now displays a warning to show when posts have been viewed in the last 48 hours. New feeds can be another way to convince this user.

With information: TechCrunch.

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