Instagram It is failing a large number of users. It is not you, it is the application. And you are not alone, many readers of have left comments on our channel YouTube Trying to figure out what's going on. Something that is also repeated in social networks. Instagram goes blank and does not open. Or do not load profiles. Or it doesn't even load the stories of Instagram Stories But don't worry, we have found a solution.


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Apparently, for no reason, Instagram a good number of users in several parts of the world have stopped working. The result is always the same: a blank screen every time you try to enter the social network. And it seems that the service does not finish connecting to the servers and leave the app hanging, no information and no photos, in the mobile of a good number of users. Does it happen to you? Well follow this solution.

How to fix the blank screen

Even though Instagram has not confirmed it officially, the problem would be related to the recent update of its application. A version that, due to some technical error, would be preventing users from logging in and entering the social network. That is why, although reinstalling the application from Google Play Store o App Store the problem of the blank screen remains.

The solution would happen, then to install another version of Instagram. Something that on the Android platform is easy to solve thanks to the different application repositories available for download the app's APK file. So, if update Instagram It has not given you any results, try the following.

blank screen in Instagranm

Enter the Google Chrome browser and search, directly in the address bar “APKMirror Instagram". Or click on this link to go directly to the APKMirror page. It is a website that collects all versions of different applications of Google Play Store to get the one that interests us most. Search the section of Instagram and check the most current versions. If there is a more current one, try to download it. If you do not go back to a more late date to these days to avoid running into the one that gives the error of the blank screen.

When installing from outside Google Play Store You will be skipping the official and safest ways to install an application. Keep this in mind before carrying out this process. In our experience we have not had any problems with the files coming from APKMirror. But you have to be aware that you always run a risk by not having Google protection. So perform this installation only at your own risk.

If this is the first time you install an application from outside Google Play Store You will encounter a safety warning message. This message tells you that the process may not be safe, and that you need to activate the function Unknown sources of your Android mobile to be able to install applications from outside Google Play Store. Activate it in the Security settings or from the warning message to continue with the installation. Now you just have to click on the Install button to finish the process. In a few seconds everything is ready as it should.

If you have a Samsung mobile

Another option for those who have a Samsung mobile, according to the comments received on our channel YouTube, is to use Galaxy Apps. This application repository has other versions of Instagram. To solve the problem of the blank screen it would be enough to uninstall the terminal application.

Then we would have to install it through Galaxy Apps. Just enter this application store and search Instagram. The installation process is similar to what is seen in Google Play Store. Being a different version of Instagram The problem would be solved effortlessly and without jeopardizing the integrity of the mobile or our privacy.

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