Instagram will allow its users to report fake news

by Kelvin
Instagram will allow its users to report fake news

As part of its integration with Facebook, Instagram It incorporates the option to report false news on its platform. The popular network of photographs, the most used in the world, thus complies with the requests that come from the news media, which have set its sights on being a point of information propagation.

Yesterday, the function of reporting doubtful information was available in the United States. In two weeks it will be for the rest of the countries. The mode of use is simple, you just have to click on the three points that appear on the right side of the post photo Instagram. The complainant user must then select the option "Not appropriate" and specify "False information."


Instagram will allow its users to report fake news 1Within the three points you will find the option to report false information (Credit: web)

According to a spokesman for the platform, a team outside the company will analyze the information reported as false. It will be they who will determine the falsehood of the information that was shared in the post of Instagram.

In the event that the post reported contains false information, it will not be removed from the social photo network. As I collect, the publication will lose relevance, it will not be highlighted when the other users do a search on the subject it deals with. In this way, the false content of scattering will be prevented.

Just as the fake post will not be deleted, Nor will the denouncing user receive notifications about the complaints he receives. The entire information verification process will be totally unknown.

The news that comes in Instagram


For being the most popular, Instagram He does not sleep on his laurels and works to improve to have a long reign. The developer Jane Manchung Wong have studied the code of Instagram to see what are the news that plans to launch the photo platform soon. These were the results.

Instagram will incorporate layout: Many know the app “Layout for Instagram”, Which allows us to create collages to upload to our profiles. Well, this application will soon lose meaning, since the social network adds this function so that its users do not depend on external tools.

Boomerang is improved: You probably still haven't got tired of using the boomerang function of Instagram, but the social network believes that it is time to make some changes. Don't worry, the modifications will only be new ways of seeing your creations, offering new directions of direction.

Comments Improvements: The moments of copying and pasting the comments you receive, or making screenshots will be forgotten. Instagram will enable the “Share” option in the comments. It will be available next to the answer option.

And if you are to receive many notifications and messages, Instagram It will allow filtering of notices. That way you can only see and read the messages of the users you enable, don't you think it's great?

Of course, there is another batch of filters for Stories. So you never get tired of the popular application.

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