Instagram will inform you if your comment offends the author


Education is the key in all areas of life, and the Internet is no exception. You may have a troll profile just to doubt, or perhaps to give your vision of whatever world you're entering, but someone else is doing it for a worse purpose. Because Instagram warn of possible offensive comments that you will post on your social network.


One more step to avoid cyberbullying

In the era of cyber oppression, he was one of the great scourges of society. Younger users, like veterans, should behave in a medium that also says what is said and done. Admittedly, not all users who follow you will always be the best, with constructive criticism and praise when it comes to it, but no one has to endure the violations of other users they don't even face.

In the network as it is Instagram This is important, because many care about how much I like a publication or even who and what they comment on the photo or video. So deep Facebook They continue their efforts to avoid toxic behavior among users and their use of web space.Niciativa deals with notifications of new toxic comments.

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You may receive a warning like the one above in a few months. Do not be afraid, at least, because social networks send you messages to rethink what you will write. This app has an extensive list of toxicity-reported comments, which you will use to rate what you type. If everything sounds good, your comment will be published, but if you find insults, for example, make sure you have a notification on the screen.

Instagram warns you to avoid blockages

This is a new function of Instagram That's the best with users. For those who climb comments that are somewhat offensive have the possibility to think about their actions, while more and more 'enemies' have the opportunity not to post painful comments to users. However, this is to ensure that all users live on the Internet and this is a good way to ensure the start of at least one simple social network.

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