Intel Core and RTX Super 10 update

by Kelvin
Intel Core and RTX Super 10 update 1

Lenovo announced several updated products today featuring the new generation of Intel Core H-Series and NVIDIA RTX Super GPU, and Lenovo is also leveraging the new NVIDIA Advanced Optimus, which enables better battery life while still providing G-SYNC.

The Lenovo Legion 7i and Legion 5i replace the Y740 and Y540 Legion models, with the 7i being a 17-inch gaming laptop, and the 5i being a 15-inch version. Both will feature the new NVIDIA Advanced Optimus, which means they will offer G-SYNC on their display, but can turn off the DGPU for battery saving when needed. For the uninitiated, one of G-SYNC's previous weaknesses was that it needed a dGPU connected directly to the display, which eliminated the ability to use NVIDIA's Optimus to leverage iGPU for lightweight energy-saving tasks. Some manufacturers do this by offering a multiplexer, but the added complexity and cost, coupled with the fact that users have to restart their laptops to turn them on or off, means a useful but specific solution. Lenovo will be the first to offer a new Advanced Optimus dynamic switch that no longer needs reboots, so hopefully we can see more laptops offering this along with G-SYNC.

Intel Core and RTX Super 10 update 1


Both laptops will offer the 10th-generation Intel Core H-Series, meaning 45-Watt processors, but Lenovo has not yet indicated the exact model they will be offering. On the GPU side, the 15-inch Legion 5i will have the NVIDIA RTX 2060, and the larger 17-inch Legion will reach the RTX 2080 Super Max-Q.

Although the details are a bit light at the moment, Lenovo comes with some very affordable prices for new laptops to be released later this year. The Legion 5i with the RTX 2060 starts at just $ 999, and the Legion 7i with the RTX 2070 starts at $ 1199.

Source: Lenovo

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