Intel Expands 10th Generation Core i Processors with New Comet Lake Series

by Kelvin

Unlike the Ice Lake series, Comet Lake 10th generation Intel Core processors focus on productivity and multitasking performance without compromising autonomy

THE Intel announced today (21) the expansion of the 10th generation Core i processor family with the new series Comet lake. The new processors are tailored to deliver productivity and performance for high demand and multitasking workloads for light and thin laptops (such as 2 in 1) without compromising battery life. Unlike the chips presented earlier, the Ice Lake. The new Comet Lake series features 14nm architecture focused on productivity and workloads, as opposed to 10nm and focuses on the other line's artificial intelligence.

Featured image of 10th generation Intel processors“Comet Lake” Processors Bring Ultra-Lightweight 2-in-1 Laptop Performance

O Comet lake is the first series to feature 6 cores and advanced connection by Wi-Fi 6 (Gig +) and the doors Thunderbolt 3. It has a two-digit gain over the previous generation and allows users to adjust performance, load and functionality to meet specific work needs.

Intel Adaptix Delivers Enhanced Performance

The new processors Comet lake come equipped with the technology Intel Adaptix, a software toolkit that allows developers to tune their system for maximum performance and help end users customize their performance. overclocking. The toolkit uses a matching algorithm. machine learning to adapt to the user's need.

Intel Adaptix on the 10th generation Comet LakeThe new processors increase the number of designs optimized with Intel Adaptix technology, supporting modern standby for faster responses and different voice assistants built into PCs.

One of these tools is the Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology, which adds a new ability to machine learning to intelligently adapt power settings based on usage and temperature. Manufacturers can tune their systems and achieve an 8 to 12 percent performance jump, using these algorithms to predict workloads and automatically adapt processor power to maximize cooling and achieve the best possible performance.

Twice the performance in connection

The family processors Comet lakeas well as the newly announced Ice lake, support for very fast connections. O Wi-Fi 6 (Gig +) brings security WPA3 even bigger, ensuring users' peace of mind and allowing faster downloads because it's 3x faster.

Intel 10th Generation Processor Art10th Generation Intel Core Processors Deliver New Performance and Workload Optimization

Already the doors Thunderbolt 3 capable of delivering power, download speeds of 40 GB / s It can connect to thousands of docks, monitors and peripherals with just one cable.

Early 10th Generation Intel Comet Lake Models

U series

Processor NumberAI Colors / ThreadsCache
Core i7-10710U6/1212 MB
Core i7-10510U4/88 MB
Core i5-10210U4/86 MB
Core i3-10110U2/84 MB

Y series

Processor NumberAI Colors / ThreadsCache
Core i7-10510Y4/88th
Core i5-10310Y4/86th
Core i5-10210Y4/86th
Core i3-10110Y2/44

Comet Lake Availability

The processors Comet lake marks the arrival of the 10th generation of processors and will be made available to PC manufacturers by the end of 2019.

Starting in the second half, users can search for the badge Engineered for Advanced Mobility (translated to “Built for advanced mobility”) in online and physical stores to get the best 10th generation based systems from leading PC manufacturers.

Intel 10th Generation General Specifications: Ice Lake

ProcessorsCore i3, i5, i7
EnergyUp to 25W for maximum performance (U Series)
Up to 4.5W for 4-core and designs (Y Series)
Colors / ThreadsUp to 6C / 12T
LL Cache SizeUp to 12 MB Intel Smart Cache
Max Turbo FrequencyUp to 4.9GHz
Graphics FrequencyUp to 1.5Ghz
ConnectionsIntel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig +)
Thunderbolt 3
Support of MemoryLPDDR4 / LPDDR3

Leave in the comments what you think of the new 10th generation processors. Is it a significant evolution from the ninth generation?